Formed: 1983 as Swans Football Club (1984 to 1987 as Roos disbanded 1988.)
First Coach: Allan Bin Salleh followed by Ron Foy and Mal Mason in 1985.
Hall of Fame: Phillip Matsumoto, Rod Wiggan, James Dann, Daniel Thomas, the Pigrams and Rahmans, Vic Parker, Bob Mahoney, Mal Mason.

Front row: P. Marshall, M.Mason (Coach), P. Matsumato (President) 2nd row: C. Bin Kali, P. Rahman, A. Sibisado, R. Wiggan (Capt), J. Dann, D. Muir, B. Lavelle. 3rd row: S. Pigram, A. Cox, P. Jeffries, B. Mahoney, D. Thorne, M. Rahman, 4th row: A Bin Suliman, D. Sampi, C. Counsellor. L. Crispin, B. Tolentino, P. Baring. 5 th row: D. Pigram, M. Dann, T. Sibisado, A. Matsumoto and J. Roe.

Swans Football Club was formed by Phillip Matsumoto because many young boys were unable to get a game with the established Clubs. It was set up as a 'feeder' team for Saints and both Clubs combined for the wind-up at the end of the season. They changed colours from black and white to blue and white since North Melbourne donated a set of jumpers and footballs. Later, when the Club folded due to financial reasons, these jumpers were given to the U/17's to use in their competition Roos lost to Towns. in the 1985 Grand Final.