BIDYADANGA (Emus - formerly Swans in Black and White colours)

1983: Brent Moss first Captain/Coach


Formed: 1983 

First Captain/Coach: Brent Moss

Premierships: 1990, 2004, 2016

Winner of the Reconciliation Cup 2003, 2004,

WKFA Fairest and Best Winners: 1989 Wayne Edgar, 2016 Angelo Thomas, 2019 Angelo Thomas

Hall of Fame: Danny Fyffe (LM at Bidyadanga 1980,81, worked at the community 1987-1990,
Bruce Whyardie, Johnny Thomas, Terrance Jack, Arnold Bamba,
2016 Angelo Thomas.

Isiah Stevens  
Last played for GWS Giants in 2011
Born: September 9, 1992    
Playing Height: 183cm     Playing Weight: 75kg     Position: Forward
Last Drafted: Round 1, Pick #6 2010 Rookie Draft
Last Drafted By: GWS Giants

19th Feb 2011
Image ID: 223343
Isiah Stevens of GWS celebrates after kicking a goal during the AFL NAB Cup Round 02 match between the GWS Giants and the Gold Coast Suns at Blacktown Olympic Park, Blacktown. (courtesy of


John Thomas (photo taken in 2005) - Life member of Bidyadanga

Ben Kelly    (October 2017)


Would like to follow on from Andys sentiments and as a board member of the club and a sincere friend would like to express my sadness on the passing of the clubs president JT. A premiership player, premiership coach and also a premiership president what a list of achievements. A humble man who had a great passion and enthusiasm for the football club. A role model and mentor to so many of the young men who wear the emus jumper each and every week. A terrific family man who made each and everyone one stand taller with his presence and his words of wisdom at the footy. He has left a lasting legacy for the football club, the community and also for myself. One that I am sure his family will carry on for many generations to come, not only with your sons and daughters who with play with the Emus and the soon to be women's Emus but also your many grand children and family who you were so proud of and all who adored you just as much. A terrible loss to so many. My love and thoughts with all of the family. You will be deeply missed.


There was this Bidyadanga Emu's Legend called "DOZA" who had the knowledge of football, the potential of knowing that he could bring on a Premiership for the Bidyadanga Emus..!! :-P

He showed great leadership and pride on and off the field...!! He hung his boots up. In 2004 Wayne Edger brought on another Premiership.

He then encouraged and supported the younger side of the Emus. His only son Lester.Banks joined the Emus and finally won his 1st Premiership in the Year 2016 in the big clash against the Looma Eagles. !

1989- the Bidyadanga Emus finished 3rd on the ladder.

1990- Bidyadanga Emus won the grand final by 3 points....!! :-P Bidyadanga Emus: 8goals 18points BeagleBay Bombers: 9goals 9points

The Captain was Bruce Whyardie [RˇIˇP] CHAMP \\m//d[°_°]b\\m//