Greg Fiorenza (Capt. Coach), Lindsay Masatora, Alec Dann, Brian Pallister, Michael Ambi, Brian Kane, Peter Marshall, John Albert, Harley Raye, Rodney 'Nugget" Tittums, Aziz Sulaiman, Gary Gower, Alan Bin Salleh, John Puertollano, Tony Hutchinson, Geoff Buchan, Graeme Fong, Tommy King, Stephen Pigram, Keith Cahill, Eric Wade and Ron Wade.

Support for the "underdog" can often precipitate change in footy.

So it was that after Towns had won 5 flags in a row, St Mary's benefited from the defections of Fong and Greg 'Patches' Fiorenza , as well as picking up new players to Broome. Peter Marshall was also a welcome addition, who had previously played with Saints then subsequently played for Boyanup Capel Dardanup and then returned to coach Saints in 1979.  The season began magnificently for them with victories over Marsh Rovers (15 goals to 10), Demco (11 to 3) and with huge support form the local crowd, they rolled the Premiers (11 goals to 2) in a game that saw Saints mosquito fleet running down the oval in waves.

Towns footy team, the perennial champion of all they survey, have lately been showing the signs of age. Defeats at the hands of Beagle Bay, Marsh Rovers and Saints, have sent the team into a tail spin that caste their ability to win yet another Grand Final in serious doubt.

Half way through the season Greg 'Patches' Fiorenza took over the coaching of the side.  Saints continued on, beating all teams in the first round but slumped with losses to Towns and Beagle Bay in the later part of the season. However, victory over Beagle Bay in the second semi gave them the weeks rest and when Towns bowed out to 'the Bay' by a goal in the following week, their amazing success was brought to a temporary halt.

Bill Hayden was introduced to the players prior to the Final and in a tight game, noted by its high flyers especially Jackamarra, Saints won by 10 points after John Puertollano turned the game around coming on fresh in the final quarter.

The celebrations rocked on with the Green and Gold Ball at the Civic Centre, dancing to the beat of Black Label and Crossfire together with presentations of the club awards.

Best and Fairest: Stephen Pigram

Runner up: Brian Kane

Most consistent: Tommy King

Best utility: Peter Marshall

Most improved: Harley Raye

Highest goal kicker: Graeme Fong

Best fist year: Tony Hutchinson

Fairest and Best in the Finals: Steve Pigram

Broome news 1979


Grand Final 1979

Saints defeated Beagle Bay

In a game that ranks as one of the most exciting seen in Broome Saints took out the 1979 premiership over Beagle Bay. The game was a fast, exciting display of Aussie Rules and clearly showed the standard of football in Broome.

Particularly note-worthy was the speed of back teams and umpire Ron Buckey from Perth later commented that he really felt the pace of the game.

Nevertheless, Buckey gave a good display and contributed to the high standard of the game.

The crowd was very large, very colourful and absolutely vocal.

The clash between the two teams generated much interest with old loyalties coming to therefore.

Saints thoroughly deserve their victory as they trained and played hard all year, finishing on top of the ladder by a clear margin.

Coach Greg 'Patches' Fiorenza moulded Saints into a disciplined fit team and their ability to play under pressure was the factor that brought them home in the last quarter.

Beagle Bay, who finished the year strongly, storming into second place with six straight wins, lost no supporters with their display. The Billard boys faltered at the finish but the way they played their football all year was epitomised in the Grand final. Bundles of speed and freakish skills delighted the crowd all day. The experience gained this year will stand them in good steed in future years.

The game was goal for goal the whole four quarters an any supporters with weak hearts would have had their arteries tested. Saints attacked strongly throughout but wasted opportunities whereas Beagle Bay, the perennial point kickers, had eight straight goals on the board before they registered their first behind.

The quarter that determined the game was the last one. Beagle Bay turned with a slight cross wind, five points up and an early goal from John Sahanna looked to seal the game. Saints fought back strongly and led by Greg Fiorenza, who dictated play strongly, they overhauled Beagle Bay and attacked continually to win by 11 points.

Beagle Bay's Full back, Fabian Pungana, was Ron Buckey's choice as best on the ground, playing a strong game for four quarters.

Best players for each teams

Saints Tommy King - live wire all day as were all the mosquito fleet.

Greg Fiorenza top performer now a proven performer led the Saints last quarter charge in true leaders fashion.

Brian Kane came to the fore with a strong last half.

Beagle Bay Fabian Pungana a heady game form a young player highlighted by strong marking.

John Sahanna his goal kicking magic was there and delighted the crowd all day.

Michael Cox rucked strongly all day and showed mobility is not limited to small men .

Before the game the Fairest and Best awards for the Association were announced. The winner was Beagle Bay's centre half forward Peter Jackamarra, Runner up was Meatworks Coach Ross Highway.


Brian Kane ruckman for Saints, Olly Ryan Beagle Bay, Umpire Ron Buckey WAFL umpire flown up from Perth, Nimo Teh Beagle Bay.



Steve Pigram with the wrist bandage


(Courtesy Broome News)