Grand final (Premiership Cup in display cabinet: Mercure)


Back row: Jeff Lucas, Slade, Bob Bradburn, Shaun Drummond, Rigiby Drummond, Graham Mc Kenzie, Trevor Martin, Ross Highway, Jeff Hall, Paul Marshall,

Middle row: Peter Carter, Mick Vallie, Jim Edgar, Greg Fiorenza (Capt.Coach) Mal Mason, Bob Mahoney, Pius Gregory, Justin King,

Front row: Tim Morgan, Arnold Bin Barker, Mark Bin Sali, John Jacky, Ron Foy, Aziz Sulaiman, Kevin Gibbs, Absent ; John Steward

Meatworks emerged triumphant as most of the pundits predicted, Beagle Bay couldn't quite carry the game to Meatworks. Their games leading up to the finals were a little bit loose and they didn't pull out in the grand final. The first half was fairly evenly contested but the depth and balance of Meaties proved decisive in the last half.

Team by Team

Meaties worked long and hard on and off the field. As well as boasting much brilliance in young players such as King, bin Sali, Mahoney, Gregory they had experienced top level performers (Patches, Jacky, Foy, Bradburn). Other players to numerous to mention all contributed and they were a well oiled unit who kept the ball moving at all times. Their fitness probably told on many sides, and all their hard work deserved the result.

Beagle Bay a disappointing end to the season but since their first finals appearance, let alone their first win, was only a couple of years ago they can be proud of the fact that they are an established force in the competition with what is still pretty much a home grown side. Joe Ross and Ginger and Michael Cox gave them a big man battery unmatched in the comp and it was due to the big boys Nemo Teh played on of his best ever years, including a Grand Final effort that Red rated near to best on the ground. Laurie and Whiskas Cox showed us what determined defence was all about but in the end they had to succumb to overwhelming numbers. Beagle Bay was coached by John Puertollano.

Other teams:

Towns were only a shadow of their team of the previous year, the most noticeable factor seemed to be a loss of pace around the ground. They relied heavily on big men Howard, Corpus and Scappin. One plus for them was the form of Tommy Edgar who played his best footy for years, relishing the ruck roving position.

Saints struggled all year with the team changing week to week. The return of Rogerson helped and King and Pigram gave the bite they needed around the ground. The young players battled hard but lacked experience. One who is young but played like a veteran was Charlie Paddy, who was dominant all year.

Derby Rover and Tigers
Blooded many young players during the year. Big Brian Moru, Ishiguichi and Hunter all played well.

Lombadina played with enthusiasm and delighted crowds with their speed.