Mal Mason

'Red Ruffansore'

1980 (This photo was taken Nov 1998)

This footballer in focus is none other than that all time Meatworks great, Mr Malcolm Mason. Malcolm's hopalong style has been in evidence for many years with Meatworks and only a fool would not remember many of Malcolm's award winning games. In 1978 he won an Oscar for his performance in Fr Mac's Drama 'But umpie, he pushed me in the back!' 1979 saw Mal again to the front with a great performance in 'C'mon, I was only parting his hair.'

Still this elusive centre-line player remains one of Meaties stalwarts. Coach, Peter Marshall thinks Mal is probably too elusive. "He can never be found at training, no matter how hard I look", he says.

Mal works (haw haw) at the Meatworks but 'Billy Bunter' wasn't all that impressed when Mal rode his gun gee gee up to the works and it ended up as sausages. Mal reckons it wouldn't have won a race anyway but then again he was riding it backwards at the time.

His pre-season preparation has consisted of a weeks holiday, fishing at Lombadina. This has got him fit, tanned and eager. Malcolm Dann picked Mr Mason up form Lombadina and when Malcolm sprinted to open the gates he was impressed. When Malcolm tossed the tree on the road aside, he was impressed. When Malcolm lifted all of the cargo in the back he was very impressed. When Malcolm drank all the stubbies in the back, he was not very impressed.

This year Mal has chosen to take under his wing the up and coming young Bob Mahoney. Around the town he is known as the very young and energetic Bob Mahoney, but Mal swears he will have him 'ruggedly handsome and scarred' before the final round. Bob didn't seem all that keen on this description; in fact he was last seen at the Tourist Bureau, trying to charter a Greyhound bus to Merredin.

Well, we end this tribute to Mal Mason with a few quotes from personalities about his career.
"Malcolm who?" (Ron Barassi)
"The best I've ever seen on a footy field". (His mum)