Back row left to right: Albert (Abigi) Dann, James (Lumpy) Dann,Willie Weeden bending forward, Robert Dann in white (did not play), Aloysius Howard looking to the side, Darren Lawford (face partially hidden at the back), Justin (JJ) Howard, Terry Cox, Joe Roe at the back, Nelson O'Reeri, Thomas Cox (face partially hidden),Darren (cocky) Cox peeping around the side of the flag.

In the centre middle:  Andrew Cox, Vincent (goody) Victor,Keith Kitchener, far right: M. Williams (did not play), Patrick (pudgy) Cox.

Second front row: Darryl Hunter, Stephen Cox Brendan Cox, Phillip Dann (kneeling), Phillip Roe (RIP), Milton Yates far right

Front: Albert Dolby and Benedict Victor

Sunday 16th August, proved to be a memorable day for the Beagle Bay Football Club when they captured the 1992 Premiership i the West Kimberley Football Association. There in front of 3 000 spectators Beagle Bay defeated the 1991 premiers, Towns, by a 7 point margin.

Beagle Bay finished the home and away rounds on top of the ladder and were deserved winners in a hotly contested Grand Final. The blustery conditions made life difficult for the high marking players, but it was the quicker ground level players of Beagle Bay that saw them through, none of whom played better than Patrick Cox, who received the Father Mac Medal for best afield on the day. Other strong players for Beagle Bay were Willie Weedon and Albert Dann from defence, Keith Kitchener, Goody Victor and Brendan Cox around the centre and Darren "cocky" Cox in the ruck. Towns also had strong contributors with Chad McElroy and Glenn Murray across the half back line, Guy Lodge, Mark Steele and Grant Matthews across the middle and Viv Hunter and Andrew Byrne who played in many positions. As the quarters went by, so the story unfolded.

Ist Quarter: Robbie Wilson won the toss and Towns kicked into a three to four goal breeze. The Towns defence held up well with Chad McElroy blanketing Terry Cox and in the centre, Towns winning many possessions primarily through the efforts of Scott Whitmore at bounce downs. Grant Hurst at full forward made the best of limited opportunities in front of goals for Towns but from the word go, Patrick Cox began to lay down the law and though each team had similar numbers of scoring shots, Beagle Bay led 4 goals 2 points to 2 goals 4 points at quarter time.

2nd Quarter: Though turning into the breeze, Beagle Bay consolidated and through the strong efforts of Albert Dann, Willie Weedon and Alan Howard in defence, they prevented Towns from getting in front at half time and held on to an 8 point lead at the siren. Brendan Cox, Damien Lawford and Vincent Victor began to have a bearing on the game and by the siren, Patrick Cox had notched up 20 possessions for the half. Lindsay Fosberry, Towns, began to get a few touches during the quarter, and feeling it was his influence on the game could be significant. Andrew Shaw and Andrew Byrne were other Towns players that lifted during the quarter.

3rd Quarter: With use of the breeze, Beagle Bay had to strengthen their position and though having had more scoring shots than Towns (6 to 1) they could only lengthen the lead to 18 points at three quarter time - 8 goals 7 points to 5 goals 7 points. There were ominous signs for Towns during this quarter when Glenn Murray limped off the ground and was soon joined by Les Bedford and Robbie Wilson; three key players if Towns were to win. Viv Hunter, Brad Mulcahy and Billy Hutton were contributing strongly during the quarter whilst for Beagle Bay Albert Dolby, Andrew Cox and Terry Cox were influential.

4th Quarter: With the aid of the strengthening breeze, Towns had nothing to lose and threw everything at Beagle Bay, and at one stage getting within one kick of hitting the front. However, the ever reliable defence of the Bay stood firm and held out the numerous thrusts at goals by Towns. The likes of Daniel Thorne, Gerard Hunt, Grant Matthews and Joe Bedford all threw themselves at the ball but could not peg back the deficit. It was the hard work of Patrick Cox, Albert and Phillip Dann, Keith Kitchener and Vincent Victor that saw Beagle Bay finish the 7 points in front and 1992 premiers.

Final Scores: Beagle Bay 8-9 (57) d Towns 7-8 (50)

Patrick Cox who had in excess of 40 possessions n the day was undoubtedly best on ground though mention must be made of the 20 year veteran of Broome Football, Greg Howard, who at 37 probably played his last game of football and contributed strongly.

Presentation of the Premiership flag to Andrew Cox and Whiskers Cox, captain and coach of Beagle Bay respectively, was an emotional time and congratulations should be directed to Whiskas who marshalled his forces well throughout the day.

Congratulations also go to field umpires Dave Rowe and Grant Adams who were well in control throughout and capably supported by boundary umpires Dave Johnson and John Lane and goal umpires Kevin Bullen and Danny Fyffe.

(Courtesy of the Broome News)