Back Row: R. Watson, G. Murray, W. Hutton, N. Haywood, D. Parsons, G. Hunt, C. Barnes, R. Taylor, J. Ross, J. Howard, G. Lewis, L.Fosbery, P. Findlay, S. Henson, S. Thomas.

Fron Row: J. Lombardini, J. Bedford, G. Mathews, M. French, R. Wilson (Capt.), J. McKenzie, G. Mitchell, L. MacIntosh, V. Hunter, L.Bedford, N. Hannigan, B. Hanson (Coach)

The 1991 football season ended with the 'east meets west' challenge 31 August, to the relief of wives, kids, hospital outpatients, and weary players who need a good dose of fishing.

The grand final, played 25 August between Towns and Beagle Bay was an excellent game of football. Towns cam out on top as much deserved winners after a season of only one loss. Towns this year have been a well disciplined, motivated and well trained team. The Club's commitment to their players proved successful in all respects and the WKFA Shield will sit proudly with their other trophies gained over the years. It was Town's 19 Premiership win in the history of West Kimberley football.

Towns 13 goals 10 : 88 points defeated Beagle Bay 9 goals 11 : 65 points. Player of the Grand final was John Ross from Towns.

The WKFA for the second year won the a East meets West Football Challenge Cup. It was a tight game with some excellent football played by both sides. EKFA did well to play on a much bigger oval than to which they're accustomed. Certainly it was a much stronger team than the 1990 team.

WKFA 13 goals 10 = 88 points defeated EKFA 8 goals 12 = 60 points. Best player was Darrin Findlay (EFKA).

Both football associations should be congratulated for organising this challenge, northern footballers have little chance to show off their football skills; there is no doubt that there is a huge pool of talent available.

After the game, both teams were presented with medallions, and the WKFA Captain Alan Douglas with the Perpetual Shield and silver Challenge Champions Cup.

Also the combined Kimberley all stars representative football side was announced for 1992.

From EKFA Richard Graves, Stewart Wakelam, Dennis Jessel, Peter Gore, Fred Martin, Hughie Ahwon vice captain, Darrin Findlay, Mal Olive, Cedric Taylor.

From WKFA Timmy Carter, Robbie Banfield, Andrew Cox, Keith Kitchener, Wayne Edgar, Justin King, Tony Hutchinson, Albert Dann, Terry Cox, John Hutchinson, Craig Collins, Gerard Hunt, Alan Douglas captain.

WKFA Coach Alan Bishop hopes that in the future a Kimberley side be sent to the Country Championships held in Perth or at least a Kimberley team to challenge a Pilbara team.