'Red Ruffansore'

A veteran of the Towns side, Gregory Howard is the man to be featured this week. At the time of writing there was some discussion as to Greg's amateur status. The rumour doing the rounds was that he was on a large retainer paid by the Swan Brewery. Apparently the Brewery felt there was no better way to advertise their drop than by promoting a footballer noted as a connoisseur of good brew. Greg denies this saying its all freelance work done voluntarily and at great cost, although he does in fact own many bricks at the Conti.

Greg's football career started at an early age and he blames this for his somewhat aggressive approach to the game.

"I was playing against Fr Macs team and I got dropped. I was very angry and bent on revenge. Fr Mac picked me up and told me to turn the other cheek. I did, and he dropped me. I've never been the same since."

Greg enjoys his work at Woodside as he gets the odd spare moment to kick bags of concrete around with the boys. The management have however outlawed it since Oak spent three weeks in hospital. He returned with the smoko and holding aloft a pastie only got "passed" out before four bags of concrete hit him on the chest.

Greg's favourite position is full forward as it gives him plenty of contact with spectators. But we asked what about insults that get thrown?" "No worries." Cans that get thrown? "No worries, caught three full ones so far this year!"

In closing Greg announced that he has put his old boots up for sale. "Numerous kicks have reduced them to shreds," he said, but they would be suitable for a learner or a Subiaco full forward.


Greg played in the winning premierships for Saints from 1972 and 1973 before switching to Towns who then won 5 Premierships in a row. Greg played his last game of footy in Broome by contributing strongly in the 1992 Grand Final against Beagle Bay. He was 37 at the time - Beagle Bay won the flag in that year. Overall, Greg played in 7 winning Grand Finals in Broome, 2 behind Stewie Gregory who played in 9.