'Red Ruffansore'

Red Ruffansore', sports columnist for the Broome News, supposedly interviewed Dave Johnson in 1980 when he first came to Broome after serving his umpiring apprenticeship down south. Here are some extracts:

Red R: "What made you give up umpiring league and come to Broome?"

Dave: "I figured I had more chance of surviving with crowds of 500 people than crowds of 20,000 people!"

Red R: "What about our facilities here?"

Dave: "Well it's very unnerving not having a change room to hide in, I mean change in."

Red R: "You've had trouble with spectators in Perth then?"

Dave: "Yes, once an irate crowd chased me into the rooms at Bassendean. I was exhausted!"

Red R: "It was a close shave?"

Dave: "No, more a long run; the game was at Leederville Oval."