A great year for WKFA. (Brent Hansen and Robbie Wilson hold the Cup aloft)

Lets reflect on what was in many ways a remarkable season for the WKFA.

CRA Easter Cup: Hedland Rovers coached by Kevin Reegan beat Saints by 4 points in the Final. Best players for Saints Mitchell, Monkhouse and Chris Garstone

As the season progressed Towns emerged by far the dominant force.

Towns completed the home and away series without losing a single game, and rarely, if ever looking like losing.

We saw Saints get off to a flying start, only to lose momentum mid-way through the second round, resulting in losses to Towns, but also Meatworks in very unseasonable conditions.

But Saints rallied in recent weeks, and were determined to be a serious threat to Towns' premiership aspirations.

Then reigning Premiers Beagle Bay plummeted out of contention with player losses, forfeits and humiliating defeats against Bardi and Cable Beach.

Both Bardi and Beagle Bay are doubtful starters in next years competition, citing lack of financial support form their communities as the reason.

The league is interested in trying to get a merger between the two sides. This would give the Dampier Peninsula a team of committed footballers, which they currently do not have, and allow those who want to be a part of the game to do so properly.

Forfeits and thrashings are not the way to keep the public interested, and as is the case all over Australia now, football needs sponsorship and sponsorship demands that people are interested in the product being sponsored.

Perhaps now is the time to settle past differences and get on with the game for the good of all those involved.

And of course, we should mention the rise again of Bidyadanga.

After two years in the wilderness, the Emu's have come back stronger than ever this season, and last week went within a whisker of causing a boil over and beating the much fancied Meatworks.

Bidyadanga have some out-standing talent, and some very fast runners who are improving their skill levels every week.

The enthusiasm of the side has paid dividends, rewarding them with a place in the four and with last weeks performance at least giving the side above them something to think about.

And commiseration must go out to Cable Beach, After what seemed as though it would be a rotten season, the enthusiasm of this young side paid off with two wins, over the reigning premiers and Bardi.

Yet the side that always fielded a full team each week will again receive the wooden spoon, although this time only by a couple of lousy percentage points that could have seen them in fifth instead of last.

CRA 1993 Premiership Ladder

At Completion of Home and Away Games

Played won drawn lost for against % points
Towns 12 12 - - 1372 419 327.5 48
Saints 12 9 - 3 1235 354 348.9 36
Meatworks 12 9 - 3 1132 550 205.8 36
La Grange 12 6 - 6 768 777 98.8 24
Beagle Bay 12 2 - 10 522 1124 46.4 8
Bardi 12 2 - 10 445 1291 34.5 8
Cable Beach 12 2 - 10 423 1382 30.2 8

Leading goal kickers West Kimberley Football Association 1993

Les Bedford (Towns) 47 goals, Terry Cox (Beagle Bay) 40 goals, Lindsay Fosbery (Towns) 30 goals, Michael McKenzie (Saints) 28 goals, Albert Dolby (Saints) 24 goals, Rob Banfield (Meaties) 22 goals, Dave Stedman (Meaties) 22 goals, Letham Bowers (Meaties) 21 goals, Chad McElroy (Towns) 17 goals.