Joe Roe:

Played for East Fremantle Colts and in the winning Premiership with the 2nds in 1962. He played in Broome from 1972 - 78 usually in the centre and was the best exponent of the drop kick, being able to deliver the a ball perfectly with either foot. Joe suffered two broken ribs while going for a mark in the first quarte of the 1972 Grand Final. He was the 'Best and Fairest' in that year and coached the Saints for two seasons in the mid eighties.

(Photo taken in 1998).






John Puertollano: (photo taken in 1998)

In 1971 he played with St Mary's Colts in Darwin and three games with St Mary's 1st XVIII. John 'Puerto' and Maurice Rioli roved to Ken Kantilla, who later played in the SA League for Sturt, and were approached by South Fremantle. John, however was homesick and declined the offer which he was later to regret.

John Sahanna: Received 31 votes in the 'Best and Fairest' voting when playing for Clontarf under 16's in 1970 as part of the Perth District Competition, while Peter Spencer polled 25 votes and Robert Wiley 19. At the end of the season he played with the combined side against such players as Brian Peake. John played for Perth Colts from 1970 - 72 and on the wing with the 2nd's. Barry Cable always picked him up for pre season training. John played for the Meaties in 1974, Saints 1975 - 77 and Beagle Bay 1978 - 80 culminating in winning the Premiership for Beagle Bay in 1980 - the first for the Club.

1970 Clontalf u/16's Football team: Captain holding the ball is Peter Yu, to his left Damian Manado, to his right: John Sahanna, John Puertollano back row second from the left and next to him on right is Gary Gower.  Won all games in the season except the Grand Final.  In the opposing side were Peter Spencer and Rob Wiley.

Jimmy Chi was a champion.  "very graceful and professional" - (Juanita Gower)

Stewie Gregory: Played with South Fremantle Colts and later in all Towns five Grand Finals in the seventies and eight overall in Broome. He is a life member of Towns.

Greg Howard: First played for Towns in 1974 he played for Saints in 72/73 and has since played for Karratha and St Mary's in Darwin. Played in 8 winning Premierships 1972 - 1982. Played for Towns until 1992.

Peter 'Nugget' Matsumoto: Played for East Perth 2nds.

Don 'Billy Bunter' Entwhistle: Played Colts and 2nds for Swan Districts. He played form 1958 - 1977 in Broome until he was 43, retiring with the Premiership team in his last year. In that time he played for the Meaties, Saints and Towns.

Eric Whittle: Played for East Perth 2nds.

Ross Highway: Played for Subiaco Colts and Perth. He played in Broome form 1969 - 1989 for an incredible 240 games, considering that most seasons were only from 10 to 14 weeks long. Meaties played in the Victorian 'Big V' jumpers for three years, which were replaced by the Swans black and white jumpers and later by the red and white colours worn today. Ross played two seasons with the Saints when the Meaties were unable to field a side. He coached Meaties in 1979.

Doug Stewart: Played for the Swan Districts 2nds.

Peter Tolman: Played for Port Adelaide for two seasons. Runner up best and fairest playing for Nightcliff in Darwin. 

John 'Whiskas' Cox and Reg Cox played for Carlton Reserves.