Saints Football Club History

 Interview with Owen Torres and Don Mc Kenzie - courtesy of Vanessa Mills (ONE, TWO)

Broome footy team circa 1961
L to R rear - K Carter, F D'Antoine, ?, Phillip Matsumoto, ?, ?, ?.
L to R mid row - Alec Howard,?, ?, ?, Fr McKelson, ?,?, ?, ?.
L to R front - ?, Ron Bell, Peter Matsumoto


(Brian Kane and Father McKelson 2005 on the occasion of a Premiership for Saints)


Fr. McKelson came to Broome in 1954.  In 1955 he got a set of jumpers donated from the Carlton Footy Club and started a Junior Saints team which played against Beagle Bay.  Saints were 4 goals up in the last quarter but only won by 2 points when they ran out of legs.  Peter Tolman was a champion for the Beagle Bay side.  Later he played for Port Adelaide for 2 seasons and played for Nightcliff in Darwin.

Back Row: Keith Carter, Fenton Dantoine, Dicky Chi, Phillip Matsumoto, Albert George, Michael Everett, Lennard Sampi (a champion footballer and Basketballer)

Second Row: Alec Howard, Gilbert Rhumba, Martin Shadforth, Peter Edgar, Fr. McKelson, Dennis Jucora, Robin Hunter, Bruno Cox, Ray Djiagween

Front Row: Owen Torres (excellent rover - later played in Darwin for Nightcliff, kicked 6 goals in a loosing GF there), Ronny Bell, Dominic Peter 'Nugget' Matsumoto (excellent player)

Father Kevin McKelson, 6 years after becoming Parish Priest of Broome, approached young Don McKenzie who was playing for Towns at the time and discussed the idea of forming a team of local boys based on the model of St. Mary's Football Club in Darwin whose colours were gold and green.

St. Mary's Darwin was admitted to the NTFL in 1952/53.  It consisted of one Chinese, three mixed raced blokes, Ted Egan (Captain) and the rest from Bathhurst Island.  St. Mary's in Darwin made it to the finals in their year and went on to 'become the most successful in Australian football  winning 26 Premierships between 1952 and 2007/8'  (quote from 'Contact Zones:  Sport and Race in the Northern Territory 1869-1953 by Matthew Stephen).

According to Don, "it was Father McKelson with the help of Father Brian Murray who started Saints Football Club and continued the association by helping out with the organisation".

Don McKenzie agreed to be the first captain and a very formidable squad was put together,  consisting of Peter Tolman, Eric and Fred Cox (later played for Meaties), Lennard Sampi, Gordon Lee, Billy Lawford (later played for Beagle Bay), Dicky Roe, Stephen Victor, Pius Gregory, Dicki Chi and other very speedy players. A group of these players were poached from Towns.  Success was immediate as they stormed to their first Premiership in 1960.

From 1960 until 1978 the Broome football team was known as St.Mary's and the Premiership team of 1979 wore St. Mary's jumpers with the insignia SMFC.

Formed: 1960
First Captain: Don McKenzie
Premierships: 1960, 1965, 1966, 1967,1971, 1972, 1973, 1979, 2005, 2006, 2010.

Winner of the CRA EASTER CUP: 2005, 2006
WKFA Fairest and Best Winners: 1972 Joe Roe (Also coached Saints 1984, 1985)
1976, Peter Marshall, 1978 Alec Dann, Revel Oakley 1995, Gavin Mitchell 2001, Bart Pigram 2005, Tristram Pigram 2021.

Hall of Fame: Peter Tolman, Peter Marshall (Best and fairest winner 1976, Dual Coach with Greg Fiorenza 1979, Peter again coached Saints in1991), Peter and Phil Matsumoto, Joe Roe (RIP 2006), John Puertollano, Gavin Mitchell, Tony Hutchinson

Choco' Malatesto, Tony Hutchinson, Olly Ryan (Coach 1981, 1982, 1983, 1986), Jimmy Chi (played for South Fremantle 2nd's), Justin 'Guddy' King, Eddie Huddleston and Gavin Mitchell, Matty Lawson.

Saints wore red singlets from 1971 to 1973 and in 1974, John Puertollano purchased a set of jumpers from Aldo Rosetto's Sports Shop in Darwin. Aldo was Captain of Saints Footy Club at that time. The jumpers had the yellow letters SM on top of a green background. These jumpers were the same ones used in the 1979 Grand Final win over Beagle Bay.


Photo taken in 1998. Tony has played the last 20 years for Saints.

Saints have been noted for their speed and skill and have always enjoyed considerable support from the town. However, Saints have also had their fair share of bad times. During the 1980's, Saints lost 7 finals and won only three. They broke their own hearts and those of their supporters during the 1980's with results such as:

Losing the 1981 Grand Final to Towns.
Losing the 1983 Grand Final to Towns by 1 point
Losing the 1984 Grand Final to Derby by 5 goals.

Going through 1985, finishing on top, then losing both the second semi and the preliminary finals.

In 1986 they went through the season undefeated only to lose the second semi final by 4 points after being 26 points up at three quarter time then losing the preliminary final by 5 points.

By 1993, Saints drought continued when they were defeated by Towns, going down valiantly by 20 points at the final siren.

But the daddy of them all - who could forget 2002?  After a 23 year drought it looked like the elusive premiership was here.  It was time on in the last quarter and Saints were 2 and half goals up against Towns and the champagne was beginning to pop.  But victory was nipped in the bud with a 50 metre kick after the siren which sank their dream and left everybody stunned and silent.  Football can be cruel at times, but the hard lesson learnt is: "it's not over till the fat lady sings!" 


In 1979 Steve Pigram was Captain and in 2005/6 his son Bart Pigram was Captain

2008 - Saints had 9 Pigrams (Tristram, Waylon, Dylan, Lloyd, Michael, David, Nathan, Phillip and Bart) in the loosing side which played Towns in the GF and the President was David Pigram

Saints Life Members: Kevin Bullen (Played with Saints for 20 years and also in 1993 was president for 15 of those years. He also coached Saints for 2 years), Paul Richardson, Don McKenzie, Mary Puertollano, Keith and Colleen Cahill, Tony "Torpedo" Hutchinson Ron Wade, Eric Wade, Micklo McKenzie, John Puertollano.

Eric Wade (photo taken 1998). Eric has been involved with Saints since 1978. He played in the Premiership side of 1979 and has coached Saints for 8 seasons. He has derived great satisfaction from being the assistant coach of the intertown matches against the Pilbara. Broome won the first championship and has remained undefeated since.

CLUB AWARDS 2006                    'Hideo' Masuda, Shaun Mason

Michael Pigram won Best and Fairest and Tristram Pigram runner-up. other award winners
were Coaches Award (most improved)- Jerome Wade, Best Player in Finals-Bart
Pigram, Best Backman-Clint Mickelo, Most Consistent-Shaun Mason Players
Choice-Tristram Pigram. Best Club Person was Claire Pigram.

Michael (Micklo) McKenzie - 300 games in July 2007



Congratulations to 2015 Hutchinson Medal winner Jeff Fong, equal runners up Luke Puertollano and Paul Chealuck! Joel Hanford

leading goal kicker, John bin Sulaiman rising star, Tim Watson most consistent and coaches award, and Salty Salkid for his first ever

trophy Club person of the year and Ashley Hine team award from the players!

Remembering Michael Ambi