John 'Ginger' Cox, Francis Cox, John 'Whiskas' Cox, Francis 'Pancho' Pan (RIP 2021), Michael Cox (RIP), Laurie Cox, Bosco Williams (RIP), Stephen Victor (did not play in the GF) , Kevin 'Holaback' Williams (RIP), Albert Cox, Peter Jackamarra (RIP), Dr. Felix, John (Mr. Magic) Sahanna (RIP),

2nd Row: Laurie Coyne (Coach RIP), Nicki Williams, Stephen Williams (RIP), Peter Fabian (RIP),

Front: Paul Paddy (RIP), Fabian Pungana, Nimo Teh, Olly Ryan and Brian Kane.

(Not in the photo: Alec Dann)


Beagle Bay fulfilled a six year ambition when they defeated Towns to take the 1980 premiership flag. The Beagle Bay lads have been travelling to Broome since 1976 to play football and their victory this year is a fitting reward for their efforts. For Towns it was a disappointing finish to the 1980 season, a year in which they rebuilt their side and worked long and hard for the flag but alas, that's football. They can be proud of their efforts in the Grand Final, a game that ranks as one of the best games seen in Broome.

Beagle Bay opened the game in a blaze, and with the aid of a strong crosswind had a three goal break at quarter time.

However, they could not match the Towns onslaught in the second quarter and as a result the teams were only separated by points at 1/2 time. The third quarter belonged to the Towns defence and due to their efforts (Whittle, Edgar and Doig particularly) Towns turned for home 2 points up and with the aid of a 4 goal breeze. Although the breeze was strong the fact that it blew directly across the ground tended to negate its value.

At this stage the pundits predicted doom for Beagle Bay, with Towns all the rage to run right over them. It was not to be.

An inspired Beagle Bay, led by their courageous backline attacked continually, and although they only kicked 7 points for their effort, it still saw them run out winners by five points. There is no doubt that Beagle Bay owe six players a great deal of credit. Nicky Williams, Fabian Pungana, Peter Fabian, Laurie (D9) Cox, Whiskas Cox and Kevin Williams all set the standard for their team mates further up field.

It was a delirious crowd that greeted the siren, and, the huge crowd swamped the Beagle Bay players, who were no less happy than the crowd. Incidentally the crowd, which was without a doubt pro Beagle Bay contributed enormously to the atmosphere of the game and no doubt made the players lift their game to the standard of excellence.


At a well attended cabaret on Saturday the 13 the WKFA presented their yearly awards.

The fairest and best went to Alec Dann of Beagle Bay, who narrowly defeated Towns centre man Jo Jo Edgar, Alec securing the award with two votes in the last set of votes counted.

The result was a popular one and would have been so even if the positions were reversed. Both players have given electrifying performances all year, displaying wide ranges of skill.

The WKFA committee deserves praise for not only the running of the cabaret (an inaugural affair for Broome) but also for the way they have run the Association this season. No season is free from controversy and there were a few this year but great steps have been made in many areas, no doubt the goals set this year will only serve to improve the standard in future. President Terry Cullen and Secretary Sid Kidman have worked timelessly and deserve congratulations. Also in need of thanks is Ian Shand who deputised while Sid was away.

At the cabaret the fairest and best for the Grand Final was presented and again Beagle Bay took the cake with centre half back John 'Whiskas; Cox receiving the award. It was a popular decision as Whiskas showed enormous amounts of courage and determination, along with the icy coolness for which he is renowned on field. No less popular was the runner up, Towns centre half back, Eric Whittle. Eric displayed the same qualities as Whiskas and these two dominant players contributed much to the excitement in this game.

Best players for each team:

Beagle Bay - Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Williams, Williams, Pungana.

Towns: Whittle, Rumens, Edgar, Edgar, Storey, Johnston.

Snipers (Odd lies, rumours, etc)

Ron Buckey again flew in from Perth to umpire the game and did the job well again!

The end of season cabaret a must for future years.

Most clubs having wind-ups this week all results will be in next Broome News.

Mysteries of the vote count what does Eric Whittle have to do to get votes. What does Brian Kane have to do to get votes. Where was star Tigers player, Patrick Ishiguchi? How did Lenny 'the umpires friend' Dornbush manage 7 votes.

Club Awards 1980

Following are trophy winners for Local footy clubs.

Beagle Bay

Fairest and best Alec Dann
Runner up Brian Kane
Best finals Michael Cox
Best Backman Fabian Pungana
Best Position Whiskas Cox
Most Courageous Nicky Williams
Most Improved Luke Cox
Most consistent Ginger Cox
Best clubman Norm Archer
Best 1st year Felix Wilks
Best utility Peter Fabian
Supporters award Little Ronnie
Coach, Laurie Coyne was presented with a trophy for his coaching efforts. All players who represented the club during the year received a small trophy to commemorate the premiership year.

Eleven of the main trophies were donated by Horizon Exploration International, and the club is grateful for their support.


Fairest and best Jo Jo Edgar
Runner up Eric Whittle
Most Improved Con O'Callaghan
Highest goal kicker Greg Howard
Best utility Dave Rumens
Stewart Gregory, Greg Howard and Peter Hine all received presentations to make playing one hundred games with the club.


Fairest and best Ronnie Foy
Runner up John Carlson
Most Consistent David Sampi
Best utility Mark Manado
Best 1st semi Mal Mason
Best preliminary final Rick Walton


Fairest and best Tommy King
Runner up Greg Fiorenzo
Unfortunately these were the only Saints winners we could obtain at time of writing.


John (Ginger) Cox, Olly Ryan.



In the early days in Broome, the tradition was that the winning Premiership team was Sammy the Dragon's legs in the Shinju Parade.  This photo was taken in late August 1980 by Paul Lane.  (It features the Beagle Bay side including Doc Felix (Brahms) at the back, Brian Kane and Olly Ryan to the right.


1980 John ('Mr.Magic') Sahanna


1970 Clontalf u/16's Football team: Captain holding the ball is Peter Yu, to his left Damian Manado, to his right: John Sahanna, John Puertollano back row second from the left and next to him on right is Gary Gower.  Won all games in the season except the Grand Final.  In the opposing side were Peter Spencer and Rob Wiley.

Jimmy Chi was a champion.  "very graceful and professional" - (Juanita Gower)


The Town's side which lost to Beagle Bay in the Grand Final (Preliminary Final Photo courtesy: Kylie Johnson - Perry Benjamin broke his arm and so did not play in the GF).

1980. Back row (l-r) Frank ‘Bundo' McKenzie, Ronny Corpus, Big Bill Chamberlain, Eric Whittle, ?, Greg Howard, ?, ?.
Middle row: Perry Benjamin, Dave Johnson? Stewy Gregory, Osman, ?, Tommy ‘Unda ‘ Edgar, Dave Murdoch (Capt./Coach), Lennie Dornbusch.
Front row: Joe Edgar, Phil Storey, Dwayne Roe (RIP) Peter Hine, Peter Brown (RIP), ? (School teacher at Broome Primary School - Bill Grogan).


BK and Nicky Williams Premiership players for Beagle Bay 1980 (photo taken May 7th 2021)