The Golden era for Towns began in 1974 and finished in 1978 after 5 Premierships in a row.  This feat may never be matched again.  (T.O.W.N.S.= 5 was the catch cry)

Although Meaties had won the 2nd Semi and flown Ross Highway back from Wyndham for the ultimate contest, Fr Mac remained confident with such players as Marshall, Grantham, Howard and Gregory in his line-up. Towns did turn the tables the second time around but not without incident as umpire John Pedley had to come off at three quarter time complaining of a 'sore ankle' leaving Pat Dodson to don the whites and bring the game to a conclusion.  Meatworks had protested against Pedley umpiring as there was a fair amount of money riding on the result and the persons involved wanted to have their own umpire blow the whistle.

By now the new oval was ready after low lying tidal land was reclaimed. Towns steam rolled their way through the next season losing only one game but refused to participate in the Grand Final if John Pedley umpired. Subsequently threatened with a forfeit, they duly played and beat Meatworks by 15 goals stamping themselves ultimately as the greatest side of the 70's.

Beagle Bay came into the competition but were unable to stop Towns winning in 1976. Similarly, in 1977 they crushed another new side, Derby by 6 goals under coach Bruce Kneal in the Final with such players as Trott, Fawcett, Noble, Medland, Elton, Sahanna, Peter Hine, Billy Bunter, Olly Ryan, Eddie Rose, Steve Doyle, Michael Teh, and Jeff Fong.


Back row: Jeff Trott, Roy Roe, Bruce Kneal (Coach), Greg Howard, David Fawcett, Stan Lodge, Stuart Gregory, John Noble

Centre row: Greg Elton, Brian Sahanna, Glen Medlend, Marty Parn, Peter Hine, Don Entwhistle, Peter Brown, Colin Archibald.

Front row: Phillip Roe, Olly Ryan, Eddie Rose, Steve (dogsie) Doyle, Michael Teh, Jeff Fong.

The opening games of the 1978 saw Towns 21.17 defeat Kimberley Meats 4.3, Beagle Bay 9.13 beat St Mary;s 7.19, best players being John Fielding two teams, saw Tigers 7.13 defeat marsh Rovers 2.4 Patrick Ishiguchi, Jimmy Edgar and Michael Dolby all played well. As can be seen from these scores, many players unable to kick reliable drop punts, peppered the goals resulting in behinds. Yet Towns again took all before them defeating Derby Tigers in the Final 17.16 to 10.9. Graeme Fong was adjudged best on ground, especially since he had almost sealed the result with a personal tally of 4 goals in the first quarter.

Back row: Steve Hughes, - , Lee Baird, Greg Howard, John Noble, Greg Elton, - , Max Joseph, Fred Spratt, - .

Front row: Lee Waldie, Colin Archibald, Michael Teh, Glen Medland, Stewie Gregory, - , Marty Parn.

1978. Towns premiership team.

Back row L-R:

? , Bill Chamberlain, Brian Gilberte, Greg Howard, Eric Whittle, Lloyd 'Big Bird' McMurtry, Chris Payne, Stewy Gregory, Ian 'Irish' Shand.

Middle row L-R:

Graeme Fong, Osman 'Ozzi' Ibrahim, Stephen 'Dogs' Doyle, Strop? , Olly Ryan, Glen 'Mucky' Medland, Ken 'Seagull' Clarke, Greg 'Rocky' Elton

Front row:

Graham 'Scrubber' Durward, Greg 'Patches' Fiorenza, Dave Fawcett (coach), Peter Brown, ? .