Left to right:

Billy Wells, Jimmy Gregson R.I.P, Bobby Johnson, Norm Back, "Bluey Mc Intoch (Mandurah 1999, Jimmy Smith (behind), Mick Hansen (Perth 1999), Arthur Shackelton (CAPT), (Arthur was also a boxer), Norm Johanson , Wally Rossiter, Malcolm Fruin (also a jockey R.I.P.), Vince Wovodich (Wembley 1999), Bob Noble.

Last Sunday afternoon the final practice football match was played at the recreation ground preparatory to the competitive matches which commence on Sunday, 23 July. Teams captained by Tom Brown and Bob Bowers played a much improved standard of football from that of the previous week and, with little between the scores, interest in the game was maintained until the final bell. The final scores showed Brown's team winning with 8 goals 12 behinds to Bowers' team's 8 goals 5 behinds.

Considerable interest is being evinced in the proposed competition and a big roll-up of players attended a meeting at the Continental Hotel n the following Monday night to draw up plans for the matches. Three teams have been nominated, Town (white), Commonwealth (red) and Meatworks (black).

Points will be allotted for a win and at the conclusion of the round, the teams finishing second and third will play off for the right to meet the leading team in the premiership.

The draw for the matches resulted, Town v Commonwealth, 24 July; Town v Meatworks, 30 July; and Commonwealth v Meatworks, 7 August.

On Saturday, 13 August, which will be Race night, it was decided to run a Football Association Dance at the Road Board Hall and efforts are already being made to ensure the function being a success.

First Competition Football Match 1949

Commonwealth v Town 24 July

On Sunday, 24 July at the Recreation Ground the first competitive match for the season was played between teams representing the Commonwealth Services (captained by Tom Brown) and the Town, (captained by Kevin Townshend).

Kicking with the breeze in the first quarter, Commonwealth had the better of the play and Town's goalkeeper, Max Abbot, having his first run, defended very ably. Bad kicking for goal, however by the Commonwealth forwards, allowed Town to lead by 3 points at the first change-over. A feature of this quarter was the brilliant ruck work of Keith Hill for Town; his knocking out to his rover, Terry McDaniel, being practically faultless.

The second quarter saw an improvement generally in the standard of play, but inaccurate kicking for goal, prevented either team from building up a handy lead. The scoreboard at half-time showed Town 4:7, Commonwealth 3:9.

With the players beginning to tire in the third quarter, the play was apt to become a little congested, and with back lines defending very solidly, very little scoring resulted. Town continued to lead at the end of this quarter, though only by four points.

The final quarter opened with a quick goal to each side, but just as Town appeared likely to hold on to a slender lead, good work on a wing by Phil Carey, enabled Tom Brown, who was spelling from ruck in the forward line, to annex 2 goals in the last few minutes of the game and allow Commonwealth to run out winners by this margin. The final scores showed Commonwealth 7:12, Town 5:12. Best players for the winners were, Tom Brown, Des Barker, Cliff Adams, Phil Carey, John Oliver and Ted Pierce, whilst Keith Hill, Max Abbott, Merv Stanton, Terry McDaniel and Rick Mills were the most prominent for the losers.

Alf Milward had charge of the game and gave a very good exhibition of umpiring.

A further general meeting was held at the Continental Hotel on Friday evening at 8.00 o'clock for the purpose of discussing arrangements for the football dance to be held on Race night 13 August.
Second Competition Match 1949.


Town defeat Meatworks 31 July - game 2

Last Sunday the second of the competitive matches between teams representing the Meatworks (captained by Shackleton) and Town (captained by Kevin Townshend) resulted in a comfortable victory for Town. Mr Alf Milward had charge of the whistle.

Kicking against the breeze in the first quarter, Town, well served in the ruck by Keith Hill and Terry McDaniell, kept the ball in the forward zone for the major portion of the term, but wretched kicking by the forwards prevented them from amassing a substantial lead.

After the first change-over, Meatworks showed a decided improvement and with Shackleton and Albie Braun adding drive from the centre, their diminutive goal sneak. Fruin, had several scoring chances which notched two goals. Town in this term continued to find goal getting hard, and at half time the score board showed Town 3:13, Meatworks 2:3.

The second half was practically a repetition of the first, with Town, although dominating the game, unable to capitalise when shooting for goal. Final scores were Town 7:25, Meatworks 3:6.

For the winners Hill, Abbott, Mills, Townshend and McDaniel played solidly throughout, whilst for the Meatworks, Shackleton, Hansen, Brown, and Fruin were the most prominent.


7th August - Commonwealth 9.6.60 def Meatworks 7.9.51


Commonwealth 8
Towns 4
Meatworks 0


1st Semi Final: 14th August - Commonwealth 9.6.60 def Town 5.8.38

2nd Semi Final: 21st August - Town d Meatworks on a forfeit

Football Premiership Grand Final 1949 - Sunday 4th September


The 1949 football season closed at the recreation ground on Sunday last, when the grand final was played between the Commonwealth and Town teams. Mr A Milward had charge of the game.

Aided by the breeze in the first quarter. Towns were quickly into attack, but good work in goals by McIntyre saved several attempts to score before Edgar shot truly. Commonwealth players then appeared to settle down and with Tom Brown winning in the ruck, they made several drives to the forward zone, which resulted in goals from Cliff Adams, John Oliver and Brown. Town replied with a further major from Terry McDaniel to make the score at the end of the first quarter. Commonwealth 3 goals 5 points, Town 2 goals 3 points.

Commonwealth, with the wind in their favour, attacked strongly in the second term and, with many of the Town players wandering from their positions, they quickly piled on goals from Oliver, Adams, Brown and Des Barker. Town's solitary goal for the quarter was scored by Bob Bowers.

Alterations were made by Towns to the placing of their team after half time, with good results, Rick Mills (given the job of knocking out from ruck) excelled himself and absolutely dominating this position gave the necessary drive that had been lacking. Poor kicking, however, by the forwards resulted in only two goals being scored from eighth scoring shots. Scores at third quarter time were. Commonwealth 7 goals 14 points, Town 5 goals 10 points.

The final term again saw Commonwealth players going into attack and with conditions telling against Town, they were unable to cope with the tear through tactics of the opposition. Further goals to John Oliver (2) and Cliff Adams clinched the issue. Although a last minute burst by Town resulted in a goal from Kevin Townshend the final whistle went with the scores:

Commonwealth 10 goals 19 points
Town 6 goals 11 points.

A special trophy for the fairest and best player of the match was awarded to the captain of the winning team Tom Brown. Cliff Adams also pulled well with his skipper, playing solidly throughout.

For the Town, Rick Mills was outstanding, and it must have been only by a small margin that he was deprived of the trophy. Merv Stanton rucked strongly, but many of the Town players failed to produce the form which they displayed in earlier matches.
Social Evening

As a wind-up to the football season a Smoke Social was held at the Institute Hall on Friday evening, to allow members of the RAAF, who will shortly be leaving Broome. Eulogistic references were made to the work performed by the secretary, Mr Brian Parvis and the president, Mr Bill Griffin, and congratulations were extended to the Commonwealth team on winning the premiership and also to Tom Brown, captain.

The president in his speech referred to the high standard of play, particularly in the concluding matches, and expressed his hopes that now football had been placed on a competitive footing at Broome, next year would see, not only a further improvement in this regard, but many more players making themselves available for selection.

At 9 o'clock the ladies arrived by invitation and an enjoyable evenings dancing ensued with Miss Smith and Mrs D Baker at the piano and Hughie McMahon playing his cornet. During the evening and accompanied by suitable speeches the trophies were presented. The trophy for annual play, which was donated by Max Abbott, of the Roebuck Hotel, took the form of a large cup on a plinth stand where provision has been made for shields to be added yearly. After presentation the cup was filled with champagne and passed round the room.


(presented to Towns Football Club by Kath Gibbs daughter of Don Gibbs who passed away in May 2011)

Mr Tom Brown next received his trophy for the fairest and best player, donated by Mr Stan Clarke, of the Central Hotel. Mr Griffin, when making the presentation remarked that Mr Brown was an accomplished footballer and his trophy had been duly earned. Mr Brown suitably responded.