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The Broome Bulls play in the West Kimberley Football League (WKFL). They were formed in 1949 (Originally as the Meatworks Football Club) and then became the Broome Bulls Football Club in 1995 after the Meatworks closed its doors in 1994.

The club has had a rich history both on and off the field. In the early days of the Meatworks the team was made up predominately from workers at the local meatworks site plus tradesmen. Even after they changed to the Bulls they still maintained their "workers" tradition with most of the team made up of tradies, apprentices labourers and service workers. They also have a tradition of picking up any passing tourists keen to have a kick, these guys, usually only in Broome for a couple of months, would extend their holiday to run out the end of the season so that they could stay with the team, this usually means that the Bulls lose 10-15 players each year. Even with such a high turnover of players due to the transient nature of Broome and its workers, the club has been very successful, winning a total of 15 Premierships (including 2 three-in-a-row's 62,63,64 & 97,98,99,2001,2017).

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Formed: 1949

First game: Sunday 17 July 1949 between the Towns team and Meatworks in a practice game.

First game:  The final score was Town 4:8 (32 points), Meatworks 3:3 (21 points).  Nick Hansen (Meatworks) played strongly for the greater portion of the game.  'Mr Adlam, who had charge of the whistle, did a very satisfactory job'. 

First Captain: Arthur Shackleton
Premierships: (14): 1950, 1954, 1957, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1970, 1982, 1989,1995,1997,1998, 1999, 2001, 2017.
WKFA Fairest and Best Winners: 1982 Ron Foy, 1997 Chad McElroy, 1998 Clem Rodney, 2012 Ben Saunders , 2014 Hayden McCleod, 2016 Hayden McCleod, 2023 Daniel Moore.

Fr. Mahon Medal (Best player in the Grand Final) Hayden McCleod 2017)

Hall of Fame: Don 'Billy Bunter' Entwhistle, Peter Talman, Mick Hansen, Lenny Molan, Doug Stewart, Norm Back, Greg Fiorenza, Bob Noble, Ross Highway, Gavin Greaves.

Len Molan kicked 16 goals in the Grand Final of 1950 when they defeated Towns by 22 goals and also beat Towns in the 1954 Grand Final by 10 goals. Meatworks have always been renowned for their muscle, vigour and determination. Jamie Finley played for Perth in 1995 at full back. In 1998, Shaun (Muddy) Waters kicked 22 goals in a fixtured game against Bidyadanga. This is an all time record tally for this Association.

Meatworks Life Members: Peter Fitzmaurice, Ross and Carol Highway, Graeme McKenzie, Alfie Court, Darren Banfield and Tony Hart (also President of Bulls Football Club in 1998), Jamie Findlay, Paul Taylor.



1980       Carol Highway     Ronnie Foy        
1981       Carol Highway              
1982 Greg Fiorenza   Greg Fiorenza Carol Highway           1st  
1983 Alf Court     Carol Highway Alf Court         3rd  
1984 Bob Ferguson     Carol Highway              
1985 NO TEAM DUE TO NO NUMBERS                    
1986 Wayne Fowler     Carol Highway Ross Highway     Carol Highway   4th  
1987 Ross Glrisich     Carol Highway Ross Highway            
1988 Ross Glrisich       Gary Mills            
1989 Tim Price       Peter Fitzmaurice         1st  
1990 Allan Douglas   Craig Collins   Peter Fitzmaurice            
1991 Allan Douglas   Rob Banfield   Peter Fitzmaurice            
1992 Bob Green   Rob Banfield   Harold Tracey   Steve Hubbard        
1993 Bob Green   Rob banfield Bernadette Malatsky Ian Gower   Gavin Greaves     3rd  
1994 John Webb/Andy Mcrae   Daryl Brown Marika Griffiths Lou Mittee   Brett Hall     5th  
1995 David Bushall   Rotating Captains Tracey Rushford Graham Glasson   Jamie Findlay/Chad McElroy Gary Burton   1st  
1996 Brent Hansen   Paul Cruikshank Sue Watts Bud Watts   ClintRenfrey Tony Hart   3rd  
1997 David Bushall   Jamie Findlay   Rod Stone   Jamie Findlay     1st  
1998 Rod Stone   Jamie Findlay Jacki Piper Tony Hart   Clem Rodney     1st  
1999 Rod Stone/Ray Briggs   Jamie Findlay Wes Hardiman Geoff Hamill   Jamie Findlay     1st  
2000 Marcus Ritchie   Jamie Findlay Joanna Wellburn Rob Clarke   Jamie Findlay** Gary Burton   2nd  
2001 Marcus Ritchie   Jamie Findlay Nikki Mercer Paul Mercer / Rob Clarke   Steve Valli Bruce Wolfe   1st  
2002 Kurt   Brendon Bernhardt Nikki Mercer Harold Tracey   Brendan Bernhardt Narelle Bernhardt   5th  
2003 Peter Marshall Hall/Marcus Ritchie Jamie Findlay   Tony Hart   Clint Hutchinson Jamie Findlay**   4th  
2004 Jamie Findlay   Steven Thompson Clare Cowen Tony Hart   Steven Thompsn Paul Taylor   3rd  
2005 Mick Hick   Steven Thompson Clare Cowen Tony Hart   Steven Thompsn Paul Taylor   2nd  
2006 Mick Hick   Steven Thompson Tracey Bevan Paul Taylor   Josh Mongoo / Simon Appleby Mark Chadwick   3rd  
2007 Tom Power   Mark Chadwick / Dane Johnston Louise Mattaboni Tim Martin   Damon Pavlinovich Steve Thompson   7th  
2008 Jeff Hall   Steven Thompson Roslyn Martin Tony Hart   Jeff Johnson Roslyn Martin   4th  
2009 Mike Fountain   Jamie Stewart Roslyn Martin Tony Hart   Ben Croy Steve Thompson   8th  
2010 Mike Fountain   Jamie Stewart Shaz Ellies Tony Hart   Jamie Stewart Tom Ellies   7th  
2011 Mike Fountain   Jamie Stewart Carla Rudd Tony Hart Simone Fountain Jamie Stewart Jeremy Hall   6th  
2012 Tim Richter   Tim Richter Carla Rudd Wes Green Jeremy Hall Ban Saunders Denise Bardill   5th  
2013 Rob Wilson   Tim Richter Jeremy Hall Wes Green Paul Taylor Hayden McLeod Grant Hall   6th  
2014 Darren Muir   Hayden McLeod/Sam Lapporta Jeremy Hall Wes Green Paul Taylor Hayden McLeod Nicole Rendall   6th  
2015 Ben Sarsfield   Hayden McLeod Jeremy Hall Wes Green Paul Taylor Hayden McLeod Tim Crawford   6th  
2016 Ben Sarsfield   Hayden McLeod Jeremy Hall Wes Green Patrick Lelivevr Hayden McLeod Paul Taylor   3rd  




1982 Ronnie Foy                    
1986     Ross Highway made life member                
1987     Alf Court made Life Member                
1988     Carol Highway made life member                
1989     Brad Tollentino "Best On Ground Trohphy in GF"                
1990     Rob Banfield ABC footballer of the year                
1993     Paul Mercer and Gary Burton Made Life Members                
1995     Became the Bulls. Jamie Findlay Father McMahon medal                
1997 Chad McElroy   jamie findlay Father McMahon Medal. Shaun Waters Leading Goal Kicking                
1998 Clem Rodney   Mark Bushell Father Mcmahon Medal. Shaun Waters Leading Goal Kicking                
1999     Warrick Roe Father Mcmahon Medal. Bulls beat towns in 50th anniversary Shaun Waters Leading Goal Kicking                
2000     Shaun Waters Leading Goal Kicking                
2001     Tyrone Garstone ABC footballer of year                
2006     Dan Liaros leading WKFA goal kicking. Jamie Findlay and Les Rodgers made life members                
2012 Ben Saunders   Paul Taylor Inducted as Life Member                
  2014 Hayden McLeod   Hayden McLeod won the WKFL Best and Fairest
  2016 Hayden McLeod   Hayden McLeod won the WKFL Best and Fairest