(Photo taken at Norm's flat near Bran Nue Day Centre May 1999)

"From rags to riches"

Bob Johnson (left) and Norm Back are two old mates who played for Meatworks (Bulls) in the formation year of the Club in 1949. They are currently renewing their friendship in Broome after long years apart. "Because we could seldom field a full team, we never won a game in our first year, Norm lamented. Bob can remember playing in bare feet and taking three days to pull out the 'bindi' thorns after a game. In those early days they played hard and they worked hard, recalling a time when they worked straight through a 56 hour shift which began on a Monday and finished on Wednesday at the Meatworks. They only time they caught a nap was during meal times. The following year in 1950 the Meatworks team was boosted by the influx of players from the South such as Len Molan (East Perth 2nd's) and Kevin Mc Clements (Claremont 2nd's). With these players added to the locals they routed the opposition by winning every game in the season including the Premiership. "I can tell you - we painted the town red" recounted Bob. Len Molan kicked a record 16 goals in a score which saw Meatworks 30 goals 19 points defeat Towns 8 goals 7 points. Even 50 years later Bob and Norm can be still seen wearing their traditional club garb - blue work singlets, black shorts and of course 'bare feet'.