Left to right:

Tom Brown (CAPT), Bob Mc Gregor, - , Cliff Adams, Fred Redfern, - , - , Phil Clarey, Ted Pierce, Bruce Lawson, Des Barker, Johnny Moore, John Oliver.

On Sunday, 21 May the Broome football season was ushered in. It had been proposed that triangular scratch matches would be played between the three teams, Commonwealth, Towns and Meatworks, to allow the respective captains an opportunity to try out new players.

Unfortunately, owing to boats requiring to be worked over the weekend, the majority of the Meatworkers and several of the Town players were unable to attend, and in consequence the original programme was scrapped and two teams were picked with Rick Mills and Tom Browne as captains.

For the initial match the standard of play was particularly high and present indications are that with the influx of many new players this year, several with league experience, a decided improvement in the standard will be noticed. Only four ten minute quarter were played and Browne's team ran out the winners with 4 goals 12 behinds to their opponents 3 goals 4 behinds.

Of last years players many to show form were Phil Carey, Tom Browne, Des Barker, Rick Mills, Kevin McKay, Kevin Townshend and Ross Edgar, whilst of the new players Stan Bessen, Gill Hepburn, "Blue" Wightman, Bruce Lawson, Jack Villa, Don GIbbs and Clarrie Richards revealed an abundance of talent.

During the half-time interval a brief association meeting was called when a fixture committee was appointed and the duration of play for matches was fixed at two fifteen minute, and two twenty minute quarter with four twenty minute quarters for the final matches.

At the conclusion of the match Towns elected Kevin Townshend, their last years' captain to again lead the side, whilst Rick Mills was elected vice-captain with Ross Edgar appointed on the selection committee. The Commonwealth players had a meeting several days ago and they also elected Tom Brown as captain for the second year in succession.

It was proposed to commence the season next Sunday, but owing to the Meatworks not having had a run, it was decided to try to play the original arranged triangular matches on 28 May and commence the season on 4 June.

Meatworks Broome Football Premiers 1950


The grand final of the Broome football which was played at the recreation ground on Sunday last, resulted in a further triumph for the unbeaten Meatworkers players. This team, which has shown considerable improvement with every match, gave a brilliant exhibition of non-stop football and apart from the third quarter when Towns (whites) were temporarily in the ascendancy, they always had complete control of the game.

In the first quarter when kicking against the breeze the "blacks" gave an indication of the outcome of the game when they kicked eight goals four behinds, to the Town's three goals.

After the change-over, the Meatworkers centre man, Johnson, and their rover Len Molan, repeatedly put their side into attack and although they rattled on 10 goals 7 behinds for this quarter to the "whites" 1 point, their score would have been considerably greater but for the sterling work of the Town's custodian Ross Edgar.

Faced with a deficit of nearly 17 goals the "whites" showed a complete reversal of form in the third quarter and holding the "blacks" to 1 goal 5 they kicked 4 goals 4 behinds.

In the final quarter, the "blacks" again took the offensive and scoring goals without any apparent effort they eventually ran out the easiest of winners with 30 goals 19 behinds to the Town's 8 goals 7 behinds. In the last quarter as in the preceding three although the "whites" had the better of the knocking in ruck, it always seeded to be the Meatworkers who were able to get the ball away.

The principal goal kickers for the Meatworkers were Molan 16, McClements 6 and Ross 3, whilst for the Town's, Young did best with 3.

For the winners Lenny Molan gave an outstanding display of scoring and forward play and was later chaired off by his team mates. Apart from his effort in kicking sixteen goals, which in itself was most meritorious, this player was also responsible for many others. On his exhibitions throughout the season and capped by his display in this match he would more than hold his own against many rovers playing League football in Perth at present. Kevin McClements gave another solid display of rucking and also contributed six goals to Meatworkers huge tally. "Johnno" Johnston won in the centre and Geo Ross was prominent at half forward.

As a "Grand Finale" it has been proposed that a combined team of Towns and Commonwealth oppose the Meatworkers, with the proceeds going to charity. A meeting has been convened during the coming week to make final arrangements for this game.