(Photo taken at Bob's house near Seaview Nov 1998)


Bob played for the Meaties (Bulls) in the early 1950's. His normal position was ruck and he changed at full back. He remembers an oldies game he played in against a town team. The oldies consisted of a few past 'professional footballers' and the town team consisting of the Police, teachers, Commonwealth employees etc. The oldies found themselves down by 5 goals at half time and were given long odds of winning the game. They backed themselves for 'big money' and beat them. On another occasion,Bob recalls when he decided to play for Towns against his former team mates - the 'Meaties'. Rolly Brown, who was in charge of the freezers, set out on a mission to drop Bob. He succeeded fairly quickly leaving Bob very daised and without the reward of a free kick. Bob rates 'Billy Bunter' (Don Entwhistle) as the best player he saw in his time.