16's PREMIERS - SAINTS 5.3.33 D CABLE BEACH 2.6.18

Saturday 5th September



14's PREMIERS - CABLE BEACH 7.6.48 D SAINTS 6.9.44

Saturday 30th August

Mick Albert presents the winning shield to Shantel

David Pigram Medal for the Colts Competition

Best in the Grand Final

2014 Jay Angwin



Colts Premiers

2014 Colts Premiers - Eagles



                                              2013 SAINTS PREMIERS IN COLTS

BACK ROW:  Keenan Stack, Shaq Moreton, jRawiri Miskin, Pipia B., Jesse Pigram, Denzel C. Ijaz Corpus, John Graham Josh Achee, Zac Graham, Mitchell Sheppard, Aldin Lands, Khan John, Tyson Dolby, Wayne Edgar, Aceanosa, John Bin Suliman, Sandy Corbets, CJ Oakley

MIDDLE ROW:  Shai Stack, Cornell Tolentino (Coach), Milton Miskin, Damon Anasa, Liam Lawrence

FRONT ROW: Keith Champion, Acaleb Clifton, Shaun Mason,

BEST IN THE GRAND FINAL:  Brett Claudius presents the medal to CJ Oakley

BEST AND FAIREST IN THE COMPETITION:  David Pigram presents the medal to Ben McKenzie (Beagle Bay)



(Gavin Mitchell 6th from the left in the front row)




The skill of kicking a football is usually mastered in the back yard or side streets at an early age and is further fostered at school and in local competitions.

The first junior footy game in Broome occurred on July 4 1925 in which the 'Convent Boys' 11.9, easily beat 'the Rest' 4.4, thus beginning a short season. Convent continued their good form by winning the next encounter too, but struggled in the third game. "The Rest' were leading by five points, one minute before the bell when the ball was kicked off the ground and the Convent scored a goal, getting up by a solitary point. The final scores read 6.17 to 8.4. In the following year W Capes found his place at full forward booting six goals on one occasion.

"He is only 16 and will make a grad player. Edgar too is a good lad from whom we hope to see good football" - North West Echo, May 8 1926.

Apart form these early games however, junior football was too often neglected over the years. Stan Mills organised a few games during the mid 70's but so little was done in the end a letter was written to the Broome News decrying the situation.

"Can you tell me why Broome has forgotten the young boys who are not old enough to play with the senior sides. Why hasn't someone organised junior football for them? I think it is deplorable in a town like Broome where sport is such a major contribution to the entertainment and participation of people, that there is no junior football. What are you people doing! Come on you lot, pitch in and start a junior competition. I for one will be only too glad to help 'The Avenger' - vol 3 No 4, April 1979.

It was very soon after this that Terry Cullen called a meeting of interested people and was duly elected President of Broome Junior Football hoping to "provide recreation for the young people where none at present exists."

Eight sets of jumpers were purchased and a competition began of four U/17 and four U/13 sides played on Saturday mornings. This competition continued uninterrupted under the direction of Br Laurie Negus and Brian Kane with strong support from Mrs Murray, Br Mike Lalor, Bob Clarke and Phil Scott, John Puertollano, Mike Lake, Stewie Gregory, Mark Fogliani and in the later years great work from Wayne Stockley and Bruce Andrews.

During this time, Brian Kane organised all the umpires and a standard was set requiring juniors to develop self discipline. Any boy who disputed a decision or fought during the game was sent from the field for a time decided by the umpire and after several years of this system, there was very little problem.

Many present champions enjoyed the high standard of competition during their junior years including Terry Cox, Wayne Edgar, Rod Wiggan, Patrick Cox, Albert Dann, Freddy Martin, Justin King and Dennis Jesell.

In more recent times, PCYC led by Bob Clarke and Phil Scott took over the under 13's, initially at Nulungu College and subsequently at their own oval on Friday evenings which were always splendidly organised.  Phil Scott was coach, founder and fundraiser for the Sharks under 13 footy team in 1984-84.  He was able to secure a very large sum of money from Lord Alistair McAlphine at that time.  This generated a sustainable income from the PCYC grounds which provided an over flow caravan park.  This in turn funded the establishment of the basketball court and BMX track.


Eventually in 1991, all Junior Football came under the umbrella of the PCYC, with at least 12 sides competing in three age divisions. Alan Tangwei injected new life into the overall organisation, while many of the "old crew" willingly gave their services to assure a bright future for the youth of Broome.

West Kimbeley Colts 1992
Coach - Stewart Gregory
Assistant Coach - Dave Stedman
Jumpers - Blue and White Stripes

Jumper Player

1 Gary Scott
2 David Cox
3 Tony Sahanna (Tanu)
4 Keith Kelly
5 Robert Wally
6 Michael Albert (V/C)
7 Fred Shovellor
8 Gordon Lawford
9 Mark Parriman
10 Stanley Puertollano
11 Leon Jacky
12 Arnold Sahanna
13 Joseph Kitchener
14 Bruce Albert
15 Peter Turner
16 Kim Hajinoor
17 Neil Marshall (Capt)
18 Arnold Bamba
19 Terrance Jack
20 Trevor Cox
21 Clinton Sahanna
22 Alec Isaac
23 Chubby Lane
24 Dale bin Sulamin
25 Darren Puertlano

Beagle Bay Colts 1994 - Premiers

1980 Nulungu Football team

1983 Nulungu Footall team

1985 Nulungu Football team under 14's

1985 Nulungu Football team under 17's

1989 Nulungu Football team