'Red Ruffansore'

Footballer in focus 1982


(Photo taken in 1998)

A warm Thursday night at the oval, this reporter keenly watched the training when out trots a rather clean shaven smooth looking footballer. Ah ha I wondered. Meatworks answer to Mark McLure? No, the astute judge on my left replied, that's Bob Bradburn. I recoiled. Was this the rugged full back, the Harry Butler look alike we had known the season before? It was indeed, so we tracked him down and filed this exclusive interview.

Bob, this new image, is this coaches instructions?

In some ways yes. I'm desirous of playing at full forward this year.

Being a Hawthorn man what prompted you to turn down their money to play for Meatworks?

Chops and sausages and in deference to the coach, Ravioli.

Have you ever cried on the field.

Yes but only once. I was shifted to full forward in the last seconds of the game, three points down, siren about to go, I took a screamer in the square.

You missed!

No, there was a beaut lead on the flank and being a great full back, I hit him on the chest. Siren went, then I cried.

How do you find football in Broome?

Turn right at the Tourist Bureau. Ah hah (thump, aargh! sniff) Wasn't that bad.

What about the other rumour, about your cricketing ability suffering from your football pre-season training.

Well, ask anyone. You can't run two laps of the oval and then go out and play cricket three days later. I know my abilities, and runs would have flowed without those punishing two laps every Thursday.

How's your fitness now?

The fellas now have two nicknames for me, the first is Marathon Man. The second Biceps Bradburn. I trust their judgement.

Fitness is the key to full forward, it seems.

Yes, that or lessons from a drama school.

Finally Bob, a few short ones. Best footballer ever seen?

Geoff Lucas - Leigh Mathews second.

Easiest opponent?

Any full forward.

Fiorenza (who?). Get out from there Bradburn.

Just doing push ups coach, eh heh, heh, aargh!

There the interview ended.