Red Ruffansore


They donned their boots in the Great North West,

Where the bravest battle and try,

But they now deserve a final rest,

And feign would say goodbye.

Their large legs grow tired and it may be long

'Ere the goals again they see.

So, I put myself in a farewell song,

For the men who entertained me.


Their days were hard at the best of times,

And their dreams were there to share.

And bless them all for their big stout hearts,

And the myriad scars they bear.

God keep them straight as a man can go,

May they still strive, never to yield,

For the sake of the hearts that were always so strong

For these men who walked tall in the field.


And a final word I leave you lads,

Of the blood of the never say die,

The crowd may call it a boast perhaps,

But they'd win or give all in the try,

And not for a buck, or the crowd's applause,

Though ways to and end they may be,

But all from the heart,

For the colours they wore,

From these men courage came free.