SEASON: 2003


The 2003 Reconciliation Cup was played in Broome this weekend with West Kimberley teams all vying for the prestigious title in this lightning carnival.

The format and hot conditions throughout the days saw a large number of players discover that they were not as fit as they perhaps thought… Heat stress and cramping saw many players sidelined.

Mowanjum and Derby are playing in the WKFA this season and both teams provided a good deal of potential for the spectators. As was expected, lack of communication and unfamiliarity with new team-mates was an issue for both teams. They will improve as the season unfolds.

The upset of the carnival occurred when the two bottom teams from last years ‘home & away’ season worked their way into the final! On Sunday afternoon they met to fight it out.

Emus were pumped and goaled early in a feisty start. Supporters wee treated to the best performance of the weekend and showed their appreciation. Some great shepherding in the goal square saw Bulls capture the first goal through Scott Thompson. Terrance Jack goaled for Emus to regain the lead and t was still a tense affair with committed tackling and the Emus running game paying off. In the latter stage of the first half of footy Emus struck a purple patch and were humiliating the Bulls usual stoic game. At the break Emus were 5.2 Bull 1.0

Bulls coaching staff were not overly concerned and urged players to communicate and improve teamwork in the forward area. They knew they were making simple mistakes and were urged to lift.

Emus coaches implores their charges not to go soft or let Bulls off the hook. The players were asked to put their bodies on the line and play hard at the ball.

The final half of the game bogged down which was ominous for Bulls…they needed a couple of quick goals but these never came. Emus kept their game plan and by keeping their forward section open managed a couple more goals. Their confidence grew and they played like a team possessed.

The crowd saw a great game of footy and both teams should have held heads high with a great start to the season. Emus finally finished 7.3 to 1.1 but it was closer and better than that score would indicate…

The Donnely McKenzie Medal for Fairest & Best of the Reconciliation Cup went to Emu’s player Donald SAMPI. It was presented at the completion of the game to him by Donnely.

Football Home & Away season commences the week after Easter

See you all there!


Malcolm WELLS

WKFA Match Day Manager