ABC - 6BE, 675 AM

ABC Sport and the WKFA have been a part of the Kimberley social life since 1990. Mike Wevers, "Butch" Chesson and Alan Bishop did the footy preview on Saturday mornings from 9.30 until 10.00 and the Grand Final was broadcast live in that same year from the Frederick Street oval. Alan Bishop did a mighty job in solo broadcasting the 1992 WKFA V TIWI Island game. In 1993 ABC Radio was the proud medium carrying the historic broadcast of the North Pilbara versus West Kimberley. It is a tribute to the many sportsmen and women who have given their time to be a part of the Saturday Sports Show and especially to Pat Hagen who has always been behind the scenes making sure things run smoothy. Finally, many thanks to the Regional Manager, George Manning who is largely responsible for bringing the 'Sound of the Kimberley' into people's daily lives.

(Photo of George Manning presenting Revel Oakley with the 1995 ABC Footballer of the year award.