This Town's team won every game for the year bar one which was a draw.

Teams: Derby, Towns (coach N Ripp), Roos (coach K Cox & Mal Mason) Saints (coach J Roe), Beagle Bay (coach Alec Dann), La Grange

Back row (L - R) G. Hallett, J. Howard, D. Hicks, G. Hall, G. Mesch, P. Hannaggan, R. Gregory, G. Bryant, J. Fairman, R. Cocking, S. Cox, H. Tracey, K. Reynolds, F. Van Doiesellar, P. Keisler, N. Ripp (Coach), D. Ollerton (ass. Coach), Front row: R. Boucher, M. James, B. Mulcahy, M. Martin, R. Vandenberg (v.capt.) P. Jenal (Captain), M. Rowe, K. Gleed

Towns Coach - Neville Ripp had previously played with the Perth League Club and more recently in Dampier. It was this League experience that Neville believes stood him in good stead when he took on his first coaching job. Neville spent most of this year as a non-playing coach, a leg injury frustrating his playing ambitions. His comments on the Grand Final and the year follow:

The Grand Final: It was a top team effort, the whole team contributing. Thanks to Mal and his boys for giving us a good run.

Best players: Mark James outstanding, near the ball all day, fought hard all day and switched the game for Towns Other good players were Peter Genal, Russell Gregory, Brad Mulcahy and Steve Cox.

The fight: Very disappointed with the crowd aspect of it. It turned the game for Towns, Roos were in touch until the fight started, but then lost touch.

Finals: first Semi Roos defeated Derby, second Semi Towns defeated Saints Preliminary Final: Roos defeated Saints Grand Final: Towns defeated Roos (best players Phillip Rahman, 'Cheeky Roe', Trevor Sibosado, Chris bin Kali, Rod Wiggan)