Back row (L - R) Bluey Walsh, Wally Wilson, Robert Issaccs, Graham Paddy, Colin Elliott, Fred Cox, Robert Trevor, Colin Rodgers, Don Entwhistle,Reg White, Luke Trew.

Front row (L - R) Graham Hahger, Bill Boyd, Ron County, Keith Bromley, Ross Highway.

Mascot: Paul Maher.

Absent: Noel Mathews, Doug Steward, Dave Westlake,Allan Bettie, G. Highway, Tony Tapper.

This photo is in the display cabinet at the Mercure. The jumpers were a donation from Wanneroo Football Club and they lasted about 5 years until a South Fremantle set was sponsored by the Roebuck Hotel. When Ross Highway was quizzed about why these jumpers were chosen, he replied "we weren't too worried about what colours we wore" (Nov 1998). Ross rates Wayne Fowles (from the Eastern States) and Rogers as great players for the Bulls in those days. Judging from this photo, most players preferred bare feet.