1984 Easter Carnival


The North West Australian Aboriginal Football Association held a carnival in Broome over the Easter weekend. Teams came from Kununurra, Derby, Port Hedland and Broome. Despite playing all day Saturday in hot conditions, often with successive games, a high standard of football was evident, auguring well for the NW Association's bid in Geraldton in September. The aim of the Carnival was to enable the Association to select a side to represent it in Geraldton. It was the first time a NW side took part in the State Championships.

Broome, sporting a side that combined youth and experience, proved too strong for Port Hedland in the final. Hedland were unlucky to lose a few key players before the final but still put up stiff opposition. Scores and best players were:
Broome 10.9/Derby 2.6 (A Dann, R Corpus D Menmeir, W Edgar).

Broome 9.11/Hedland 4.2 (J Edgar, S Pigram, P Gregory).

Broome 16.9/Kununurra 4.2 (D Pigram, R Wiggan, W Edgar).

Final Broome 20.9/Hedland 11.14 (W Edgar, S Roe, A Dann).

The overall organisation fell mainly to Peter Cox and Leon Van Erp who did a magnificent job. Assisting them were Chris Reeves, Kevin and Mary Bullen and Ken Barker.