1989 B.P North West Football Championships played in Dampier

Two bad losses for the Broome Football Association in the BP North West Championships earlier this month, has failed to dampened the spirits of the team. In fact despite the two defeats the team is raring to go for Next years's event. Broome Football Association spokesman, Mike Wevers, said the Broome team did not really know what it was up against when it played its first game against the North Pilbara. Mr. Wevers said this team was made up of the best players from South and Port Hedland, Karratha and Dampier and was probably the best team in WA excluding the WAFL teams. "They are professional players and ours are not - that's the difference," he said. Broome was defeated by more than 150 points in this match but narrowed the margin against Newman by 25 points despite having five key players hospitalised with various injuries.

Andrew James had a bad neck injury, Mitchell Tigan suffered a dislocated shoulder and was unconscious for three hours, assistant coach Chris Sampi was con cussed and badly cut across the forehead and Jeremy Sorrell had a bruised back and Graeme Squires had lost four teeth in an incident which caused him to have stitches to his mouth. Mr. Wevers said the condition of the oval was also different to the Broome Oval could have made a difference to player performance. "It was rock hard - like concrete". He said the players would have learnt a lot from the championship and certainly know what to look for next time. But probably the best news from the whole weekend was that concerning four local players selected for the BP Super League team. They were Wayne Edgar Bidyadanga, Rodney Wiggan, Andrew James, and Phillip Sampi, all from Bardi. "It's great to think even though we lost both games, we have four players good enough to represent the north west of WA. We're all thrilled," said Mr Wevers.


North Pilbara 25.20 (200) d Broome 6.7 (43)

Newman 12.16 (88) d Broome 9.8 (62)

(Courtesy of the Kimberley Echo)