Red Ruffansores Football Review

Over the year Red has watch most teams in action, and his All-Star Bottle Top side for 1980. Never before in the history of Broome football have players vied for such a prestigious award. In keeping with the glamour of such awards, all winners will receive a genuine West Australian Bottle Top, with their name engraved on by the latest in modern methods, the texta colour. No doubt many will disagree with Reds selections, but what a boring world it would be without conflict. It can be noted that there are no Derby players in the side this is because Red saw very little of Derby all year. No doubt names such as Ishiguchi, Kitara and Hunter would all be on a short list but in fairness to their team mates they were all excluded, thus making it:

Red Ruffansores Broome All-Star Bottle Top side 1980
Pungana - Beagle Bay, Doig - Towns, Hutchinson - Saints, Manado - Meaties, Whittle - Towns, J G Cox - Beagle Bay, Jackamarra - Beagle Bay, Fiorenza - Saints, Benjamin - Towns, Rumens - Towns, Dann - Beagle Bay, Roe - Towns, King - Saints, Howard - Towns, J F Cox - Beagle Bay

1st Ruck Kane - Beagle Bay Reserves Coach
M Cox - Beagle Bay Marshall - Meaties L Coyne - Beagle Bay
J Edgar - Towns Pigram - Saints

The Fullback line virtually picks itself, Doig, Pungana and Hutchinson all played full back for their clubs and did it well. Doig played strongly all year, Pungana was rarely beaten and Hutchie was superb all year, his marking a feature. One mark he took over the big pack would rate as the mark of the year. An unlucky contender here was Meaties player Bradburn who was solid all year.

Manado earns his place because of his ability to turn attack into defence, often delivering the ball deep into the forward line. Eric Whittle is a tremendous competitor who plays four quarters of footy every week. He would have lost count of the marks he took every week, let alone the kicks. 'Wiskas' Cox was the epitome of the cool backman, as the grand final showed. His hand ball under pressure was a feature.

The centre line was one of the hardest to pick because of the top quality players in all teams who play there. Jackamarra got the nod because of his wide range of skills, combined with a shrewd football brain, saw him create time and time again.

Patches was a natural for centre a 100% player who led his side in fine style. His experience is an asset in any situation. The other wing was a toss up but Towns' Perry Benjamin earned the berth because of his excellent disposal and pace, a natural winger with that added bit of height. Again unlucky ones here were Luke Cox and David Sampi, both young players had good years but in the end experience edged them out.

Dave Rumens occupies the half forward flank because of his ability to get the ball and dispose of it well at all times. Though he was on the ball at times during the year, he was at his most effective in the forward line. Alec Dann, Associations Fairest and Best was a natural for centre half forward, his high marking and elusive ground play a danger to all sides. Dwayne Roe starts on the other flank, and anyone who saw the Broome/Pilbara match could not doubt his ability.

Tommy Kin, who had a great year is the second rover. His pace around the ground was a key to Saints play. Greg Howard was probably the only true full forward in the comp, one who leads and marks well and who found his kicking boots this year. The two Beagle Bay ruckmen, Brian Kane and Ginger Cox were automatic selections, their dominance all year worth much to Beagle Bay. Michael Cox has height and speed which make him an invaluable ruck rover. Changing off the half forward flank he was a particularly damaging customer.

It would seem an aberration to have two players of class such as Pigram and Marshall on the bench, but injuries restricted both this year and consequently they never attained previous height.

Laurie Coyne, successful with Beagle Bay this year is named as coach.

Hairline decisions, border line cases, the list goes on. But that was how Red saw it so 'argue on all footballers'.