8th September:  Grand Final

'Come from behind Premiership' - 3 in 4 years!

Captain: Bradley Angus and Coach: Jimmy Dobson.

1st September:  Preliminary final

Derby 10.8.68 D Looma 6.8.44

25th August:    First semi: Derby 14.6.(104) D Towns 10.6.(66)

Derby: M.Harris (5), M. Embley (3) Towns R.Powell (3)

Second semi: Cable Beach 15.5.(110) D Looma 9.5.(68)

Cable Beach: S. Clarke (6), Looma: D Yamara (3)











The footy season commenced on Friday 2nd April.  The colts/reserves game at the Father McMahon oval.  The Haynes oval is used on Saturday.


Reconciliation Cup - Lightning carnival kicked off on April 13th and 14th where  

Cable Beach defeated the Broome Bulls.  Imran Paddy kicked the winning goal in the dying seconds of the game.  Donnelly Mc Kenzie presented the medal named after him for the grand final best and fairest.  It was awarded to Bull's captain and assistant coach - Tim Richter.

CABLE BEACH-Goal Scorers: Jo Dann x3, Jordan Cox x2, Aaron Birch, Tom Christener, Ben

Demeo and Scott Clark x1.

Best Players: Ben Demeo, Brett Claudius, Richard Barclay, Morgan Arrow &Klaus Bloecker

Beach’s preseason started with a Friday night thriller against Bidyidanga. The new look Beach outfit were troubled by the fleet footed Emus. But thanks to

a successful set shot goal, 45m out, After the siren, from a young gun back out of retirement named Travis Parriman, Beach got their first victory for 2012.

The first game on the Saturday morning saw the sleepy Beach punished by a red hot Saints outfit. The Saints burst out of the blocks to pile on 4 goals

within 10 minutes and threatened to blow the game open. The Beach steadied and kicked 4 of their own. A Strong pack mark & goal just before halftime

from swing man and new recruit Gene James would have seen the Beach up at the main break. However the ball got all the way back to the centre ready

for the bounce before it was realized a free kick had been paid after the goal resulting in the goal being wiped. Confusing??? Saints were too good in the

2nd half and blitzed the Beach kicking 6 goals to 3 to hand the Beach their 1st loss of 2012.

The Beach re-grouped for a grand final re-match against Bombers. This game was quite close for most of it with the Beach always in control. However a

blunder from the Bombers bench brought a sense of déjà vu and after a head count it was revealed they had again fielded 19 players. With their score

completely wiped they fought hard to get back in the game but it was too little too late with the Beach’s 6 goal buffer penciling them in for a certain victory.

Highlight of the game was Brett Claudius getting his Guernsey absolutely shredded and ripped off him in a monster tackle. As he continued to run around

topless for a few minutes, he then realized he’d better go put some clothes on and ventured towards the bench. But Not before taking a HUGE HANGA,

kicking the ball on to a team mate, then jogging back to the centre to pick up his piece of rag, did he actually come off & get changed. Never seen before!

With Beach a very faint hope to make the Grand final, the math was simple. They had to win their final round robin game and then count on a number of

the undefeated teams losing, which was highly unlikely. Beach’s final game was the much anticipated clash with Towns. This clash was expected to be a

big game with the 2 apparent strongest teams in the carnival. All hopes were dashed however when it turned out to be a fizzer. Beach far too strong for

Towns decimating them by 42 points and not even allowing them to score a goal.

So as luck would have it the un defeated teams lost and the Beach made the Final. It was a Massive credit to all players involved who were extremely worn

out and tired by the end of the round robin fixtures. So tired it’s the First time a team was actually barracking for another team to win so they didn’t have to

play in the final. Great spirit was shown to rally the troops & kit up a bunch of tired and sore players. It was great to see the gents in such a lackluster state

quickly switch on and see the realism of a grand final at stake and just want to get it over and done with.

However, The Beach were desperate. Down to 15 fit players, no interchange bench and a few guys on the filed having to play through injury it was an extremely

gutsy performance. So desperate in fact even a club living legend was tempted to don the boots to help out, and sent an urgent SOS text home to

his wife to bring down the boots. This was all for nothing as the attempt was quickly thwarted & shut down by acting Coach for the weekend, current

CBFC President, 4 time CBFC Premiership player and CBFC games record holder Mick Albert.

His Stern address to the players before they ran out for the final was a picture of cool, calm and collected experience. He mentioned that The game wasn't

about victory. Everyone was tired and sore, no interchange players. It was down to the 18 blokes on the field. The odds were heavily against us playing the

only undefeated team of the carnival and the highly fancied, full strength Bulls outfit with 10 on the bench. We had done extremely well to get into the Final

and he was happy with the team having the wins that we did. The result did not matter as the Beach had already achieved more than what they had

expected to achieve out of the lightning carnival. So it was about going out there showing what we are about, keeping it positive and having fun.

It was a very taxing game for both sides with everyone out of legs. The game was very low scoring with Bulls looking slightly more the better team when

going forward with some big Talls compared to the Beach’s smaller back line. The Beach appeared to have the better run and control and their pace

around the ground was troubling the Bulls. By halftime the scores were remarkably a goal a piece and the Beach were definitely still in the hunt.

Both teams made many tired skill errors in the last half and the ball went back and forward for most of it with neither team troubling the other on the score

board. Scores remained locked. With 2 minutes remaining Bulls made a desperate last gasp push forward and could have put the game out of reach with a

big mark and set shot about 30m out. However, a wayward kick only eventuated in a minor score putting the Bulls in front by a point, still giving the Beach

a sniff. With under a minute remaining the Beach rushed it out of defense from the kick out, scrambled it forward and a quick pick up and gather out of a

congested pack saw youngster Imran Paddy snap a kick over his shoulder from about 40m out. This kick resulted in a miracle goal and gifted Beach the

lead and the victory as by the time the ball was back in the centre the siren went and it was all over. Cable Beach victorious in winning the 2012 Woodside

Cup over the Bulls by 5 points. WELL DONE FELLAS!!!

To begin the new year with only 4 players from the 2011 premiership team available to play & come away with victory was A huge credit to the Beach &

showed true determination & guts. It showed the great depth the side will have in 2012. To also lose 2 of the Beach’s premium on Ball players in the 1st hit

out was a huge blow but the team stuck together through tremendous odds & capped off a remarkable victory against their highly fancied opponents.

New recruits Jordan Cox & Jayden Howard were superb throughout the carnival. Pivotal in all games, Cox was a revelation up forward. After playing the

majority of his career in defense, it appeared he was set free from the defensive shackles and proved he will dominate up forward for the Beach in 2012

being a major avenue to goal on numerous occasions. Jayden's evasive and agile skills being able to dart in and out of congestion and provide run and

carry down the wings was also much required and he proved he will truly be able to rip teams apart this season with his super pace.

Claus Bloecker was also a real class act. It was originally up in the air where to play him, backline forward line he did it all. But not until Ruck men Stevo

Brockhurst & Dale Birch went down with injury, was he thrust into the ruck and was outstanding! The huge tank on Claus allowed him to be everywhere.

Playing in the ruck and being able to move about the field like an elite midfielder, constantly presenting & taking big grabs, wining the ruck and pushing the

Beach forward. Al Clifford also had a blinder down back. He showed comparisons to a vintage Brian Lake and would have averaged more than 6 marks a

game. He took some monster last line of defense saving grabs and even attempted a screamer that he nearly pulled off …..

The always reliable Jo Dann was again Mr. Reliable. Jo Dominated from start to finish and did it all, kicking goals, winning the footy, centre

clearances, pack marks, clearing it out of defense, the list goes on. It was outstanding form for the 4 time CBFC Best and Fairest & WKFL

Bullen medal winner. He was clearly looking a class above the rest of his competitors and looks primed to have his best season yet.

The New brigade showed pretty quickly they had settled in to their spots with Tom Christener ripping it up on the wings and proving his

worth while Richard “The Doc” Barclay is now officially the hardest nut in the WKFL. Never has anyone been pounded into the ground so

many times in one game, only to spring back up and pounce back on the footy again and rack up the posses. Trent “Hodgey” Polletti also

provided some hard attacking spoils & run out of defense while Pre Season King Anton “Sewelly” Lavell showed why his level 15 in the

beep test was well worth it running in and under all game. A GREAT START TO THE NEW SEASON BEACH!!!