Grand final (Sept 3rd)

Cable Beach 8.13.61 D Bombers 8.9.57

CABLE BEACH-Goal Scorers: Jackson Leach x3, Will Hunter, Vernon Dann, Scott Clark, Evan Russell, Ben Draper

& Jordan King x1.

Best Players: Nathan Green, Jackson Leach, Joseph Dann, Jordan King, Lloyd Reidy, Scott Clark & Ben De Meo.

Brett Cluadius (Coach) and Joe Dann (Captain)

Jordan King  (Father Mac Medal) for Best in the Grand Final

A glorious September day at Haynes oval saw the Beach battle it out with the Bombers In a quest for premiership glory. Beach went into the

game as huge underdogs having not beaten the Bombers in 3 attempts during the course of season 2011. Raging favorites Bombers, having

lost the last 2 WKFL grand finals, were out to seek redemption & very few predicted correctly how the day would unfold. Bombers got things off

to a good start by winning the toss and electing to kick with the breeze.

The 1st quarter saw Bombers open the game with the 1st goal in a matter of seconds courtesy of a free kick to Bombers Forward Zac Cox. It

couldn't have been a worse start for the Beach who knew the importance of a fast start against a front running team like the Bombers. It was a

nervous start for the Beach who pushed forward on many occasions and controlled the game, however, several dropped marks, a heap of

fumbles and some very easy missed shots at goal saw the Beach down on the Score board.

Evan Russell kicked the opener for the Beach after taking a few nice grabs up forward whilst Big Vernon Dann capped off his monstrous 1st

quarter effort with an awesome snap around the body for goal. Big V was amongst everything up forward laying some huge tackles, taking

some big marks and also having a few shots at Goal.

Scott Clark also had a bout of leather poisoning. The gut running wingman was on fire. He amassed a bag of disposals & pushed the Beach

inside 50m on many occasions with his attacking in & under style of play. Midfield Maestro Jordan King dominated the centre clearances while

Ruckman Ben De Meo smashed the hit outs, his opponent not even winning one. Both Nathan Green & Vice Captain Lloyd Reidy were very

busy early laying some desperate crunching tackles. Defenders Mitch Smith & Henry Rosewarne cleared the ball well out of defense while 4

time CBFC premiership veteran Mick Albert was also involved early. The Beach trailing by 4 points at the first Break in a tight opening quarter.

In The 2nd quarter the Beach’s nerves seemed to settle as they dominated the affair with a bang piling on 4 unanswered goals. Brett Claudius

was pivotal off half back & was good in & under collecting a heap of the ball & pushing the Beach forward. Brad Angus’s clearances out of the

centre were starting to take their toll on the Bombers midfield as he began breaking through the lines & dominating. Ben De Meo again

dominated the hit outs & as Captain Jo Dann moved into the centre the Beach’s ascendancy in the midfield reigned supreme. Youngster

Nathan Green was also inspirational. His tackle count went through the roof as he laid monster tackle after monster tackle from start to finish.

Greeny really set the tone for the Beach & his 2nd, 3rd, 4th & sometimes 5th efforts in congested contests were EXTREME!

But it was another youngster that the quarter belonged to as 1st year player Jackson Leach put on a show. Turning the game on its head &

giving the Beach the upper hand on the score board. He was simply brilliant, he was everywhere! Amassing possessions, taking marks &

kicking 3 goals for the quarter. He easily would have slotted through a 4th goal too but ball magnet Jordan King played on his free kick &

goaled. Highlight for Jacko was an awesome goal where he showed the ball & Faked it on the highly rated Jahved Cox then danced around the

Bombers captain & 2011 Bullen Medalist, then slotted through a team lifting goal from fifty. Not bad for a 16 year old!!! At half time it was the

Beach dominating the game but still only with a slender lead of 13 points.

In the 3rd quarter again Beach dominated the play & controlled the game. Ben De Meo again winning the hit outs & playing Dean Cox like,

roving his own work & winning the clearances to kick the Beach clear. The forward line worked really hard & the likes of Evan Russell & David

Mulheron left nothing in the tank to ensure a Beach victory. Russell was desperate at every contest locking the ball in or dishing it off to a

running team mate & was a huge presence at Centre Half Forward for the entire game. Mulheron provided lead after lead & delivered his

passes with precision. He even took a strong contested mark in the goal square that would have been a certain goal but unbelievably wasn't

paid. Youngster Jackson Leach was still on Fire as he ran riot again taking a heap of marks & having some more crucial possessions. Will

Hunter was the main live wire up forward getting amongst it. He lead the 3rd quarter disposal tally & was a spark around goals, Tackling hard,

handballing clear to team mates & taking good marks. Hunter having shot after shot, kicking a very important goal & narrowly missing a few

others. The Bombers continued to push hard & scored a few goals to get within 3 points but just before the 3 quarter time siren midfielder Ben

Draper was taken recklessly high & was gifted a free kick in front of Goals. He calmly went back & scraped through a major putting The

Beach 9 points clear going into the final quarter.

The final quarter would see the game become an epic battle that will be remembered in WKFL history forever. The first half of the quarter was

all Cable Beach. As they dominated the clearances & kept the ball in their forward line the entire time. Jordan King was instrumental to this

ripping it up in the centre with ease. The Beach maintained possession of the footy & were easily passing it around their forward line hitting up

targets. Evan Russell & Scott Clark again had a lot of the footy. Nerves reigned supreme however with as many as 4 set shots at goals from

forward entry set ups & marks being missed & only resulting in minor scores. The Beach could have put the game out of the Bombers reach &

kicked at least 4 majors but it wasn't meant to be. This game was destined to go down to the wire.

In the 2nd half of the quarter it was a tirade of Bombers attacks. The ball spent much of its time inside the Bombers attacking Half as they

launched onslaught after onslaught & put the Beach’s defense under the most immense pressure for the game. But the Beach’s Defensive

Wall stood Strong & repelled attack after attack led by Captain Jo Dann & key defender Mitch Smith. Both inspirational as they saved the

Beach a number of times having at least 10 contested marks backing back into the packs between the two of them. They were the rocks down

back & put a halt to the Bombers attacking entries clearing it out as quick as it kept coming in. Brett Claudius also took a heap of saving

marks & with Lloyd Reidy they both gathered a mountain of possessions across the half back line clearing the Beach out of defensive fifty

with precision. Their run & pace was electrifying & also extremely pivotal in giving the Beach some much needed breathing space. Jackson

Leach drifted down to the backline & his work ethic paid off taking a “MASSIVE SCREAMER” to add something special to his highlights real.

In the end it was the Beach who were too gutsy. They worked hard for the entire game not once easing off the intensity. They were first to the

footy, hardest at the contest & simply put were just BRUTAL. The game was always a tight affair rarely the margin being more than 2 goals

but the Beach always maintained the ascendancy & every time Bombers scored Beach would quickly reply always keeping a 2 goal buffer.

In modern day footy 2 goals can be sucked up in a matter of seconds so it was outstanding that through such pressure filled situations, especially

late in the last quarter, that Beach were able to maintain composure & always keep that slender lead, keep the fight going, Hang on &

not give in. Even though a kick after the siren for goal by Bombers made the margin look a bit more respectable the Beach Boys were already

celebrating as it was kicked. Emotion running wild as the players ran from all areas of the ground to embrace each other. The never say die

attitude the reason why the Beach ran out eventual winners & champions for the WKFL 2011 premiership. UP THE BEACH!!!

After amassing 23 Disposals, 8 marks and kicking 1 goal 2 behinds Jordan King had a day out against the premium Bombers midfield. He

was rewarded for his efforts & rated by the umpires as being best afield winning the prestigious Father McMahon Medal. STUFF JORDO!!!



Preliminary final

Cable Beach  d Towns

First semi: Towns 12.10.82 D Looma 9.10.64

Second semi: Bombers 13.9.87 D Cable Beach 11.4.70


After several years of financial trouble, the West Kimberley Football League in finally on track after securing a $20 000 sponsorship from  Woodside.

WKFL president Graeme Gordon  also plan the introduction of a 17 and over reserves competition which will see the league increase from eight to 14 teams.  It will probably add 90 players to the league.

Bardi is set to join the WKFL once more in the reserves.  The reserves will play 15 minutes quarters.

The Premiership season begins April 29th.


Reconciliation Cup - Lightning carnival kicked off on April 15th and 16th.   Peninsula Bombers were the eventual winners upsetting the tough Towns Falcons by 3 goals.  Bombers also won the cup last year and were runners up in the grand final.