CABLE BEACH 'climb the mountain' after 10 years and break a 54 year record winning all games in the season.

Cable Beach cleaned the trophy cabinet out winning the Premiership, Best and Fairest (Jo Jo Dann), Leading Goal kicker (Neil Marshall 45 goals), the Father Mac Medal for best in the GF (Brett Claudius) and the Reconciliation Cup held pre season.

Grand Final: Cable Beach 10.9.69 D Towns 7.6.48

CABLE BEACH-Goal Scorers: Brendan McNichol x4, Vernon Dann x2, Brett Claudius, Dave Mulheron,

Daine Hart and Damien Parriman x1.

Best Players: Brett Claudius, Jo Jo Dann, Corey Bedford, Brendan McNichol, Russell Retzlaff, Damien

Parriman, Dave Prout and Sonny Dann

Towns got within 9 points in the last quarter but then ran of steam and time.


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In yet another dominant display the Mighty Beach team handled all pressure thrown at them by the Finals experienced Towns team to come out on top & win the 2007 WKFL Grand final.

Things got off to a great start when some hard work via a great mark and pin point kick by Sonny Dann paid off. His kick hitting big bad bustling full forward Vernon Dann on the chest to kick the first goal from a set shot 45m out. This was then followed up by an excellent goal by Damo Parriman in which he used brut strength to burst through 3 Towns defenders & slot through a ripper. In a tight 1st quarter the Beach went in to lead by a narrow 5 points.

By half time some great midfield work by Russ Retzlaf, Brett Claudius & Co-Captains Mick Albert & Jo Dann saw the Beach dominating the centre clearances. Most noticeable another highflying screamer by Billy McNichol resulting in an excellent goal which saw the Beach with a handy 22 points lead at half time.

In the 3rd quarter, the Beach could have put the game beyond Towns reach but some wayward kicking efforts saw them kick 6 points, mostly sitters, to keep Towns in the game & go into the final quarter with an almost winable 5 goall ead.  Coach Hastie, having already experienced a Towns 5 goal last quarter comeback win in a previous Grand final, called for his Beach troops to give absolutely everything in the last quarter & stressed the fact that the game was far from over!

The never say die Townies had a spirited comeback in the last & at one stage got to within a scary 9 points, but it was the Beach’s cool heads that steadied the ship. In the backline the cool heads of Arak Dann, Dom Treacy, Brendan Rankin, CJ Jones, Dave Prout & some JUDD like work by Corey Bedford saw them defend & rebound countless attacks by the monstrous Towns forward line.

With 10 mins. remaining & most of the team with nothing left in the tank it was up to sheer determination & heart to prevent the now imminent Towns comeback. And determination & heart it was with big forward Vernon Dann proving he wanted the flag, rallying the troops by getting to a contest 200m away, taking on 3 Towns players & forcing the ball over the line.

This colossal contest buying the Beach priceless seconds as the time clock ticked down. With 6 mins to go & the margin that scary 9 points it was 2 desperate & inspirational pushes forward by co captain Jo Dann out of the centre. These went via Jay Cassidy & Sonny Dann to result in 2 match winning goals by Brendan McNichol & youngster Daine Hart. When these goals were kicked the emotions ran wild as team mates ran from all directions and embraced each other in a massive celebration, knowing they had this flag in the bag. With the final siren sounding it was the Beach victorious by 21 points finishing the season undefeated and being the first team in the since 1953 to accomplish this feat and win t h e P r e m i e r s h i p ! ! !


First semi: Bombers 12.11.83 D Looma 4.7.31

Coach of Bombers Trevor Cox, named Anthony McKenzie adn Davo Cox as among his best

Second semi: Cable Beach 11.6.72 D Towns 7.5.47

Brett Claudius and Jo Jo Dann starred in the centre and Dane Hart up forward for Cable Beach. David Prout, after an earlier knock played an important role across half back to shut down the dangerous Town's forward Josh Davis.

Preliminary final: Towns v Bombers.

Towns               2.1    3.0   4.4   3.0           12.5

Bombers            1.2    2.4   1.1    1.4            5.11

Towns Goal Kickers: Dan Liaros 4, Nathan Beck and Brendan Buitenhaus 2, Joe Sara, Rhonan Maher, Jesse Cox and Josh Davis 1

Bombers Goal Kickers: Patrick Cox 2, Aaron Cox, Ian Jinderah and Stephen Cox 1

Towns Best Players: Rhonan Maher, Joe Sara, Luke Kelleher, Dan Liaros and Brendon Buitenhaus

Bombers Best Players: Ian Jinderah, Severo Corpus, Davo Cox, Michael Cox and Aaron Cox