The Year That was:

Bardi started this season in much the same way they finished last season, fast and nigh on unbeatable. They shot to the top of the ladder after three rounds and were never dislodge.

Beagle Bay, Saints and Towns were the challengers to the premiership throne currently held by Bardi and the season as expected unfolded into a probable showdown between Bardi and Beagle Bay.

Not even the efforts of numerous government departments could stop the inevitable replay of the 1987 grand final in 1988.

Mid season the Shire decided to top-dress the oval in six inches of sand on a Friday and clubs were only made aware of this development when they fronted the following Sunday.

As if that didn't slow the season down the Water Board decided to run deep water sewerage across the oval only two weeks before the finals leaving the trenches open along one complete wing and flank for all players to avoid. Luckily the trenches were filled before the finals.

Beagle Bay as underdogs reversed the result from 1987 and though Bardi were leading by eight goals only minutes after the start of the second half the bay kicked eleven in a row to win by three in one of the greatest turnarounds ever.

Albert Pianta coached the side which included James Dann, Phillip Augustine, Joe Roe, Lloyd McIntosh, Benny Victor, Nelson O'Reeri (best on ground in the grand final) and Terry Cox who also won the Association Fairest and Best that year.