Broome Football to Freezer Works

Grand Final 1954

Meatworks 15.10 . 100

Towns 5.8 . 38

Sid Tolentino (photo taken Nov 1998). Sid played for Towns and won the best and fairest in 1953)



Sunday was really a superb day, absolutely ideal for footy except that there was a good gusty wind blowing just sufficiently to turn a high punt into a losing proposition.

It was regretted that Ross Edgar tore a leg ligament and had to leave the field. While the goal umpire John Sullivan very badly twisted his left ankle and was conveyed to hospital by the new president. At first it was feared to have been broken. Tough luck John, please accept the Associations sympathy extended to all who are sick or injured.

At the bounce tall Doug Long gained the knockout and eventually first blood was drawn by the Beefeaters when Vern Munro punted like a Naylor to nail first goal. Back to centre again there is a melee before Blume takes a short run and shoots, but alas tall Ivor Thomter succeeds in touching it right in the goal mouth. From the kick off, Bob Wells secures but his pass is too high for Alby the Footscray Flyer and just when all seems lost to tall Ivor, Alby manages to force the ball through for a single. From this kick there is a melee and a free to Munro brings up another single. Then out it goes down on the grandstand wing.

Ringer Corpus takes a fine mark, thence to Alby Stein who promptly pots a snapshot right through for six.

Tolentino is awarded a free and Thomter marks nicely but choosing to run, kicks out. From a free to the fast Simon, Rahman secures but can only manage an outer. Gibbs from the throw in passes to Thomter thence to Tolentino thence to Simon but again another outer. At the half-time bell:

BFW 7.6

Towns 2.6

On the day the best players for BFW: J. Downey, Ernie Scott, Vic Andrich, Alby Stein and Keith Golding, while for Towns: Ivor Thomter, Simon, Ernie Rahman, Sid Tollentino and Cunnie.

It is desired also to thank all those good souls helping so magnificently to provide essential services in goal and boundary umpiring the boys on the score-board and of course never forgetting Biddy and Queenie with their light refreshments. Thus ended a most pleasurable afternoon.

Buddy Morrison (Vice Captain to Don Gibbs who died May 2011)  photo taken August 20th 2011