Umpire of the Year

1992 Dave Rowe

1993 Grant Adams

1994 Dave Johnson

1995 Trevor Prentis (Photo of Dave Rowe on the left and Trevor Prentis on the right)

1996 Russell Younger

1997 Steve Rushforth

1998 James Dann

2000 Grant Adams

2001 Danny Fyfe

2002 James Dann

2003 Danny Fyfe


2011 Michael McGinnis  (previously from Melbourne)

2012 Lloyd Reidy 

2013 Andrew Blackley

2014 Tim Clear

2015 Adam Roberts

2016 Greg Bridge  (CEO Sam Alexeeff in the background)

(Umpires Co-ordinator for Season 2016 was John Parsons)

2017 Lochie Martin (boundary umpire) with umpires coordinator John Parsons

2018 (No award)

2019 Tim Clear and Peter Heal

2020 (No award due to Covid)

2021 David Burke