Catholic prayers and rituals


There are a number of Catholic prayers and rituals that must be very puzzling to students with little of this background.  Why do Catholics sign themselves, why do they dip their hand in water going into a Church, why do they go down on one knee before entering seats in the Church, what does the Our Father mean, why do they pray to Mary and use those beads for the ‘Rosary’?  There are many of these prayers and rituals which need to be explained at the start of each school year and throughout each term especially in preparation for Easter and for whole school Masses.


At present there are posters on the walls of some classrooms in the Secondary which explain the meaning the Father and Hail Mary.  This is an excellent idea.  Both prayers are broken up into short phrases on coloured cardboard and the explanations on separate cards.  (Jumble the cards, assemble and glue on to an A3 piece of paper.)


The Rosary is an important tradition for the Catholic people of Broome and this is shown significantly at funerals.  It is important that students know these prayers and their meanings so they can join in on such occasions and carry this prayerful tradition forward.


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