Premna acuminata

(Firestick tree)



Premnon, the bole or stump of a tree. Acutus, sharpened or drawn out to a long narrow point.

Uses: Wood for fire sticks.
Wood and bark as splints for broken bones.
Large twigs heated and used to make mens initiation scars.


· Has rough bark on lower trunk, but smooth white skin on upper branches.
· Wood makes excellent fire - sticks.


Spreading tree to 5m; bark white, corky, longitudinally fissured; young stems hairy becoming glabrous; leaves green above, greyish green below, broadly cordate-ovate, acuminate, entire or coarsely and irregularly toothed, hairy on both sides; flowers orange, in a lax panicle of cymes; fruit a depressed, gobular, succulent drupe, black when ripe.

In pindan and vine thicket around Broome, Whimbrel Point and Gallen Well. Also occurs in NT and Qld.

Bardi name = ngalinginkil. Yawuru name = ngarnamin'gil. Wood used for spears and firesticks.

There is a specimen in Melbourne Herbarium collected by Allan Hughan at Beagle Bay in 1869.

Flowering December - March.