Beagle Bay Football Club History

Formed: 1976 by Peter Cox (Renamed the Peninsula Bombers in 1999)
First Coach: Peter (Nugget) Matsumoto
First Captain: Keith Kitchener Snr
Premierships: 1980, 1988, 1992, 2000.
WKFA Fairest and Best Winners:

Reconciliation Easter Cup  winners: 2009, 2010, 2011.

Club Fairest and Best winners

1979 Peter Jackamarra
1980 Alec Dann
1988 Terry Cox
1990 Glen Foulds
1991 Patrick Cox
1992 Patrick Cox

1995 Stephen Cox

1996 Patrick Cox

1999 Brendan Cox

2002 Brendan Cox

2003 Davo Cox

Hall of Fame: John Sahanna played for Beagle Bay from 1978 - 1980 and was captain when they won their first Premiership while Laurie Coyne was coach.  Reg Cox played with Carlton reserves.
John "Whiskas" Cox played Carlton Reserves and later with saints until 1975 before joining the newly formed Beagle Bay side and was Best and Fairest in the premiership of 1980. Terry Cox was signed by Claremont by Graham Moss in 1986.

From 1979 - 2011 Beagle Bay played in 17 Grand Finals winning 4 of them. Losses included 1979 to Saints, 1982 to Meatworks, 1986 to Towns, 1987 to Bardi, 1990 to Bidyadanga , 1991 to Towns, 1996 to Cable Beach and 1997, 1998 and 1999 to Bulls 2009 to Cable Beach, 2010 to Saints, 2011 to Cable Beach.

Beagle Bay Life Members: Peter Cox, Ron Deering, Marie and Ginger Cox, Paul Lane, Norm Archer, John and Jane Cox, Alec and Lucy Dann, Brad White 1997, Stephen & Twonya Cox, Eric & Janet Cox, Fabian & Patsy Pungana.

LIFE MEMBER:  RON DEERING age 87 (Photo taken 8th Aug 2015)

Players who have signed WAFL Clubs when playing for Beagle Bay: John Sahanna (Perth), Alec Dann (Swans and East Perth), Eddie Cox (East Fremantle), Albert Dann (East Perth), Terry Cox (Claremont), Peter Jackamarra (Claremont), James Dann (South Fremantle), Andrew Cox (Claremont), Patrick Cox (Claremont).

Patrick Cox Debut Game Saturday 10 July 1993 Claremont 12:13 Defeated Subiaco 10:14
Kicked his first goal against East Perth 14 July 1993 in the second quarter.

1987 Coach: Peter Marshall, President Peter Cox, Captain Nicky Williams.

2004 Coach: Peter Marshall, President Patrick Cox

Ginger and Rubi Cox and Ronnie (2006)

Pancho Pan

Michael Cox

Nimo Teh