The opening round was played on May 14. Meatworks team, last years improvers, scored a runaway victory over newcomers Lombadina. Star performer of the day was Meatworks John Jacky, who scored 11 goals 3 points, well supported by Mal Mason who kicked 4 goals. Final scores were Meaties 24.21 defeating Lombadina 6.5.

The second game of the day was between towns, 12.13, who defeated Beagle Bay, 7.10, in a tough encounter. Towns best were Eric Whittle and Perry Benjamin and Ginger Cox for the Bay.

Round Two
Towns 12.12 defeated Meaties 89.7
Towns best were Phil Grantham and J Buscombe while for Meaties Ron Foy and M bin Sala were strong.

Beagle Bay 11.20 defeated Saints 6.7
Best players were Ginger Cox, Paul Lane, Justin King and Fabian Pungana.
Marsh Rovers defeated Lombadina 20.13 to 2.5 in the last.

Rovers went on to remain undefeated for the home and away games, however, they lost the second semi final to Towns and the Preliminary final to Saints.

Ron Foy, while polling one more vote from Mark Norval for the fairest and best, was disqualified due to suspension leaving Mark to collect the award.

Saints had played of in the last semi and were 5 goals down with 15 minutes left but won by 24 points and though taking the Grand Final were unable to overcome Towns, who won the premiership, going one better than the year before.

Back row: E. Whittle, S. Illich, P. Nowland, T. Edgar, J. Barker, R. Corpus, M Hardiman, G. Scapin, J. Sandford, G. Baker, B. Chamberlain, P. Benjamin, D McCann.

Front row: G Bush (Coach) J. Buscumb, C Pederson, K Barker, G. Howard, B. Grogan, S. Gregory, S. Doyle, P. Mullins, L. Dornbusch.