The final showdown for the North and South battle ended in May when only a small crowd attended. "With North 5.11 and South 3.l8 at three quarter time, the game looked good for North but South came with a rattle towards the end and won 6.15 to 6.11. There was not much football as there was overcrowding but the improvement in one player was noticeable and that was of young Cooper who kicked goals with judgment and coolness especially in the final quarter when there were movements in which older players may have become flurried." Nor West Echo.

North Broome Football team (white singlets).

(L-R)Back Row: Ian Forbes, Bob Kirby, Ivor Knowles (worked at the Post Office), Umpire Ogilvie, Ron Sheridan Policeman), Jim Burke, Baden Moss.Front row (L-R) Paul Allen (worked for Bert Kennedy), Geoff Moss, Jack Glennister (worked in the Post Office), Phil Swarbrick (worked in the Bank - a good footballer), _, Peter Haynes (boy in front. In 1998 Peter was 80 years old and lived in Perth. He is the father of Des Haynes.) He relates that sometimes he was chosen in the team but no one would give him a kick.

Football really needed a shot in the arm now or else its days seem to be numbered. Interest was waning as South had dominated the competition for years having won six consecutive premierships, so a meeting was held at the Star Hotel attracting 30 members which decided that a selection committee be appointed to pick a team to play the HMAS Sydney on 30 May. It was further decided to pay the umpire a nominal fee to give his position some standing and to enable him to report players. Messrs Gregory, McDonald and Creagh were appointed to the tribunal.

In a close game HMAS Sydney 7.16 defeated Broome 7.9 who most agreed wouldn't mind their men. Best for Broome; Moss, Eacott, Glenister (worked in the Post Office), Capes, Bateman and Veneda.

Following this encounter "after a great deal of discussion it was decided that the only way to even up the teams without causing undue feelings was to abolish the boundary of North and South and appoint two to select two even teams irrespective of place of residence." Nor West Echo.

Messrs Ogilvie and Jenkins picked two entirely new teams; Rovers who were to wear blue and Wanders distinguished by red were to play for the Gregory Shield.

"Any resident footballer failing to notify the Secretary of his intentions will not be able to play during the season. Shell openers will be selected as they come in." Nor West Echo.

Wanders won by 2.5 in the first game but sadly Rovers won the Grand Final in July on a forfeit since Wanderers could not field a side.