At the instigation of Archie Male, WH Barker came to Broome and established the Nor West Echo in 1912. With his death the football coverage was much reduced and soon the paper itself would cease circulation.

While Roebuck had defeated Dampier in an exciting cricket clash on Saturday the following day saw South win yet another Premiership by three points. "Long and short, fat and thin Heroes of decades past and other doers of mighty football deeds stripped the barrackers game on Sunday and ever since the local medico has been mending the split sides of those who just escaped dying laughing.

Captain Dodson (Souths - and owner of the grocery store) and Creagh (Norths) led out their striplings a little after time, but they were willing from the word go and it was well that the nurses and boy scout ambulance were in attendance. On several occasions they found it necessary to rush to the arena and rescue a fallen gladiator. However, though many fell down they got up and finished the game, albeit many wore crutches, limps and sticks on Monday. Fortune ever fickle favoured first North then South. Some say it was not fortune but wind and both sides could not have all the wind at once. Eventually just on the bell South scored a goal and won by five goals eight points to five goals five points.

The children's picnic, for which the game was played. benefited by £9.12.8 inclusive of a donation from Mrs Bunce and the picnic funds totalled now £20.10.