By now, the enthusiasm and excitement of the formation era was now being gradually replaced by boredom, violence and personal abuse.



"Sundays football was the most painful exhibition it had been for a lot of Broome fans to witness. It was not football, it was part riot and part procession. South 12.14 beat North 3.6." (24 June Nor West Echo)

Some spectators complained that their view of the game was being obstructed by ladies wearing large sun hats and the Club requested that all ladies under forty should remove them.

But the situation deteriorated further in July.

"Broome fans were treated to a dreadful game on Sunday. Each of the teams have come to regard one another in much the same light as coney does a skunk. It is on the cards there will be no game next week, many men feeling that the manhandling they receive is quite unwarranted and not wishing any longer to be dubbed 'swine' beasts' 'mongrels' and other such appellations.

After an uninteresting and dragging display, South who were least bad, won 6.10 to 2.10." (Nor West Echo)

It was indeed a relief that the animosity of the season was put aside in the Grand Final which was played in a fine spirit.

South won a close game by 3 points and with it the Premiership their third consecutive.