After a few pre-season scratch matches, two teams were picked, trying to keep each of them even at the same time as keeping in sight the North and South boundaries. It was decided to limit the numbers of players to fourteen a side. The reward was a beautiful 'Perpetual Challenge Shield' which was presented by the president to the club for which he was heartily thanked. It was decided that the shield should be hung at the Institute (now the Civic Centre). That year the Grand Final was most disappointing as the game was 'mostly scramble', but on rare occasions the on-lookers could discern a semblance of football in it. It was the best day for kicking we have seen this season and positively the worst exhibition of kicking. Out of 47 scoring shots, 36 behinds were registered.

The final bell 'aroused' the spectators who found South had won 8.16 to 3.20. (Nor West Echo)

Price, Captain of South, had capped off a great season by also being the leading goal kicker with a tally of 35.

Football Club Picnic in the early 1920's




Geraldton Guardian July 31st 1923

 Football at Broome

Only three broken noses at the local football match on Sunday say the ‘Nor West Echo’ Broome and it was a friendly games too.  Hope this will not interfere with the desire of Carnarvon to send a team to  Broome.  Carnarvon has invited the Broome club to send a team to their town to try conclusions there, offering to provide free accommodation for visiting players – a typical sportsmanlike offer, which is highly appreciated in Broome.  The chief difficulty in the way is the fact many of Broome’s best players are in banks, the public services and other callings from which they would find it hard to absent themselves.  The matter is being considered from all angles, and, if at all possible, the invitation should be extended to Carnarvon to visit Brome.  Visits of this kind tend to promote a spirit of camaraderie, which is well to foster between towns.